艺博会 | 香格纳展位B01 | 2019成都国际当代艺术博览会

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香格纳 | 成都国际当代艺术博览会

ShanghART | ART CHENGDU 2019

展位号 Booth B01

参展艺术家 Artists

陈晓云 CHEN Xiaoyun | 丁乙 DING Yi | 黄奎 HUANG Kui | 何伟 HE Wei | 蒋鹏奕 JIANG Pengyi | 林奥劼 LIN Aojie | 李山 LI Shan | 孙逊 SUN Xun | 薛松 XUE Song

藏家预览 Collectors Preview

2019/04/28, 11am – 6pm

2019/04/29, 11am – 7pm

公众开放 Public Days

2019/04/30 – 05/01, 10am – 7pm

2019/05/02, 10am – 5pm

地点 Location


Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition&Convention Center, Chengdu 

何伟 | HE Wei


He Wei (b. 1980, Xinjiang) graduated from Sichuan academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department in 2005. He currently lives and works in Beijing. He Wei’s mysterious abstractions investigate interior landscapes of the mind and heart. Through a process of applying many translucent layers of oil paint onto canvases lying on the floor random expressionistic color fields are created sometimes with broken geometric structures floating on the surface. The texture and wrinkles in the canvas, and the imperfections of the floor form depressions and crevices on the painting’s surface. 

何伟 HE Wei | No.113 | 2017 | 布上油画 Oil on canvas | 160x140cm

蒋鹏奕 | JIANG Pengyi

蒋鹏奕,1977 年生于湖南沅江,现工作、生活于北京。蒋鹏奕的作品主要以摄影、录像为媒介,通过制造超现实的景观以及对景物的微妙叙述,呈现出个体生命的内外障碍与疑惑。《预见》系列是蒋鹏奕自2014年起,反复实验、推敲、破坏和重置后呈现的全新作品。

Jiang Pengyi (b.1977, Yuanjiang, Hunan) currently lives and works in Beijing. He creates a kind of surreal spectacle and delicate narration of the scene, mostly, by photo and video, to reveal the barriers and confusions of the individuals. Foresight is a new series of works that Jiang Pengyi has produced through repeated experiments, elaboration, destruction and replacement since 2014.

蒋鹏奕 JIANG Pengyi | 预见 No.19 Foresight No.19 | 2017-2018 | 收藏级喷墨打印,裱于纯铝板,钢化亚克力 Archival inkjet print, mounted on Aluminium panel, toughened acrylic | 100x80x5.5cm

林奥劼 | LIN Aojie

林奥劼,1986年生于广州,2010 年毕业于广州美术学院油画系。他的作品涉及录像、摄影、绘画、文本等形式。其艺术实践取材于自身经验,艺术家以带有强烈即兴性和幽默意味的图像,敏锐而细腻地记录着日常生活中的琐碎细节或刻意安排的行为事件。

Lin Aojie (b. 1986, Guangzhou) graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Oil Painting Department in 2010. Presented through video, photography, painting, text, etc., Lin Aojie’s artistic practice departs from his personal experiences. The artist has a keen and delicate record of the trivial details of daily life or deliberately planned events with strongly improvisatory and humorous images.

林奥劼 LIN Aojie | 机遇 Opportunity | 2018 | 鼠标绘画、独版、收藏级喷墨打印 Mouse painting on computer, unique, archival inkjet print | 75x120cm

陈晓云 | CHEN Xiaoyun



Chen Xiaoyun (b. 1971, Hubei) currently lives and works in Beijing. His works are always both artistic and poetic in style, with introspective thinking present in the narrative structure as well as the use of individual fragments of consciousness to channel the real world in pictorial form.

陈晓云 CHEN Xiaoyun  | 疯狂的荒谬的和出于本能的勇敢 Crazy, Absurd and Instinctive Bravery | 2018 | 布上丙烯 Acrylic on canvas |150x90cm

黄奎 | HUANG Kui



Huang Kui (b. 1977, Renshou, Sichuan) graduated from Sichuan Fine Arts College, Oil Painting Department, currently lives and works in Shanghai. No matter theform, be it installation, action art, or painting, there is always a retaliatory abreaction inherent in Huang Kui's art. The origin of his works seems to be disorderly inanition. Instead the art consists of a sort of sensitivity and attention to detail which expresses a desire to fight. 

黄奎 HUANG Kui | 在路边划断了轮胎印子 Stop the Trace on the Road | 2016 | 布面油画 Oil on canvas | 60x50cm

孙逊 | SUN Xun


Sun Xun (b.1980, Fuxin, Liaoning) currently lives and works in Beijing. In 2006 Sun Xun established π Animation Studio. His works are mainly drawing and/or short animation. He also exhibits his individual cell drawings and other mixed media works, often times alongside his films.

孙逊 SUN Xun | 异端1-5 Heterodoxy1-5 | 2017 | 报纸上水墨 Ink on newspaper | 57.6x360x8cm (in 5 pieces) | 局部 Detail

丁乙 | DING Yi



Ding Yi (b. 1962, Shanghai) currently resides in Shanghai. The practice of Ding Yi encompasses painting, sculpture, spatial installation and architecture. He works primarily with "+" and its variant"x" as formal visual signals, above and against the political and social allegories typical of painting in China. He chose this sign in the second half of the 80s as a synonym of structure, rationality and of a pictorial expressiveness that reflects the essence of things.

丁乙 DING Yi | 十示 2018-1 Appearance of Crosses 2018-1 | 2018 | 椴木板上综合材料 Mixed media on basswood | 240x240cm

薛松 | XUE Song


Xue Song (b. 1965, Anhui) graduated from the Shanghai Drama Institute, Stage Design Department in 1988. He resides and works in Shanghai. Xue Song's distinctive collages represent the many different aspects of Chinese culture; he incorporates traditional Chinese paintings, ancient calligraphy, folk art, religious icons, legendary figuresand historical photographs, effectively erasing any categorical imperatives. 

薛松 XUE Song | 湖光秋色图 The Scenery of Lake in the Autumn | 2015 | 布上综合材料 Mixed media on canvas | 灰、丙烯 Ash, acrylic | 拼贴 Collage | 100x150cm

李山 | LI Shan


Li Shan (b. 1942, Lanxi, Heilongjiang) resides and works in New York, Shanghai. He was one of the main participants in the New Wave Chinese art movement. During 1993 Li Shan began investigating issues surrounding the life sciences through his art practice. He is a pioneer of Bio Art.

李山 LI Shan | 阅读 Reading | 2002 | 布上丙烯 Acrylic on canvas | 54x258cm

局部 Detail


ShanghART Exhibitions

香格纳上海 | ShanghART Shanghai

欧阳春:凡夫俗子 | Ouyang Chun: The Mortals

展期 | Duration: 2019/03/16 – 04/28

地址 | Location: 香格纳上海,上海徐汇区西岸龙腾大道2555号10号楼 | ShanghART Shanghai, West Bund, Bldg.10, 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai

香格纳北京 | ShanghART Beijing

赵洋:罗马是个湖 | Zhao Yang: Roma Is a Lake

展期 | Duration: 2019/03/09 – 05/03

地址 | Location: 香格纳北京,朝阳区机场辅路草场地261号 | ShanghART Beijing, 261 Cao Chang Di, Airport Side Rd., ChaoyangDistrict, Beijing

香格纳新加坡 | ShanghART Singapore

诺阿·诺阿:唐茂宏东南亚驻留项目 | Noa Noa, Tang Maohong Southeast Asia Residency Exhibition 

开幕 | Opening: 2019/05/03, 4pm-7pm

展期 | Duration: 2019/05/04 – 07/14

地址 | Location: 香格纳新加坡,新加坡Lock路9号02-22吉门营房 | ShanghART Singapore, 9 Lock Road, #02-22, Gillman Barracks, Singapore 108937

香格纳M50 | ShanghART M50

空间升级改造闭馆 | Closed due to renovation

地址 | Location: 香格纳M50,上海普陀区莫干山路50号16号楼 | ShanghART M50, Bldg 16, 50 Moganshan Rd., Putuo District, Shanghai

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