胶囊上海|《匿于眼后》Right behind your eyes

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匿于眼后 Right behind your eyes

展期 Date: 2019.06.29 - 08.15

开幕 Opening: 2019.06.29, 3-6 pm

地址 Venue: 胶囊上海, 中国上海徐汇区安福路275弄16号1楼

Capsule Shanghai, 1st Floor, Building 16, Anfu Lu 275 Nong, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China 

Sarah Faux 撰写展览笔记

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胶囊上海将荣幸地呈现《匿于眼后》群展,策展人为 Sarah Faux, 其主要展出作品的艺术家为 Felipe Baeza、Haley Josephs、Jordan Kasey、Doron Langberg、林人中、Diana Lozano、Martin Wong、陶斯祺、闫欣悦以及姚聪。展览展期为2019年6月29日至8月15日。



Haley Josephs | Spiral Bubble | oil on canvas 布面油画 | 50.8 x 40.6 cm


Haley Josephs 画作中的人物闭上眼睛,通过彼此的心灵或空气中流动的气韵相互沟通。欣悦的人物迷失于他们的智能手机中,他们尘世的身份也因而沦于数字幻想。而林人中的现场艺术表演 《看不见的肖像》*,艺术家将蒙着眼睛画出前来观展的观众。通过非视觉来感知一个人的存在, 这些情感绘画借由片刻间的同理心来连接艺术家与观众的心境。



开创性的美籍华裔画家 Martin Wong 曾在城市街道上画过路人的肖像。作为本次展览的出发点,作品《Top Cat》中,Wong 的纹身年轻男子在休息室自信地休憩。画家通过带砂的表面使其在媚俗中摇摇欲坠,同时挖掘出原始的脆弱性。

Doron Langberg | Chris | 2019 | oil on canvas 布面油画 | 61 x 45.7 cm

通过观察,Doron Langberg 的笔触在身体弯曲的边缘运动,在呼吸中持续颤动。相比较,Jordan Kasey 用木炭画的石头面孔茫然地凝视着观众,他们的内心生活通过动画的表情表达但又隐藏在硬化的外壳。 Felipe Baeza 的肖像作品拥有刺绣和砂磨的表面触感,如同破损的去皮皮肤,艺术家通过反复的触及而使若隐若现的人物形态即细腻平滑又富有修复感。



微小的耳钉刺穿了 Diana Lozano 乳胶茎式的花卉雕塑。植物学,经常被人类用于装饰和表达“美”,在作品中现拥有了其个性化的装饰形式。在陶斯祺的小画作中,各种各样的物体和身体部位闪烁着对记忆片段的回眸。姚聪的视频《蓝色之下》近距离描述了为皮肤化妆的过程; 如此接近迷失 - 或重新定向 - 我们的注意力。正是在这个不稳定和多孔的边缘区域,我们遇到了一个人的第一表层,所有一切都匿于眼后。


Jordan Kasey | Untitled | 2018 | charcoal on paper 纸上炭笔 | 55.9 x 44.5 cm

Thoughts on the show by Sarah Faux


Capsule Shanghai is pleased to present Right behind your eyes, a group show curated by Sarah Faux, featuring works by Felipe Baeza, Haley Josephs, Jordan Kasey, Doron Langberg, River Lin, Diana Lozano, Martin Wong, Tao Siqi, Yan Xinyue and Yao Cong. The show is on view from June 29 until August 15, 2019.

Right behind your eyes pushes us into the intimate space of another's body, past the external realm and into an oily mess of pores, lip liner, migrating hands and private thoughts. Through painting, video and performance, ten artists deal with ‘attachment, quietness, our facades and tender insides’.

On eyes

I'll know someone for years and still not remember their eye color. And I'm a painter, a color nerd, so I wonder why these colors don't stick. Eyes are supposedly windows to the soul, but “the self” emanates through so many other means — our skin and scars, what we choose to say or keep hidden.

Haley Josephs' figures close their eyes and connect with each other psychically or through streams of bubbles in the wind. Yan Xinyue's characters are lost in their smartphones; their earthly identities becoming subsumed into digital fantasies. For River Lin's on-site live performance Invisible Portraits*, the artist will draw images of gallery goers while blindfolded. Sensing a person's presence without sight, these emotive drawings connect artist and viewer through a moment of empathy.

Yao Cong 姚聪 | Under Blue | 2015 | single-channel video, colour, sound 单频录像,彩色,有声 | 6'38''

How do you really know someone? 

Through tracing your eyes along his edges while he rests in your lap, your hand moving a pen across a page in unison. You spot a mole you’d never noticed and three little hairs sprouting beside it. Drawing from life is an act of intimate knowledge.

Pioneering Chinese-American painter Martin Wong once painted portraits of passersby on city streets. In Top Cat, a portrait at the heart of this show, Wong’s tattooed young man lounges in confident repose. The painter’s gritty surfaces teeter on kitsch while unearthing raw vulnerability.

Painted from observation, Doron Langberg's fluttering brushstrokes curve around edges of bodies in motion, shivering with constant breath. By contrast, Jordan Kasey's charcoal drawings of stone faces gaze blankly at the viewer, their inner lives palpable through animated expressions but concealed by hardened exteriors. Felipe Baeza's portraits are embroidered and sanded surfaces, like broken skin peeled, smoothed and repaired again through the artist’s touch, as his hovering figures linger within deep fields of color.

On skin and adornment 

Nectar Sweet, Pitfall Trap | 2019
Plaster, aqua resin, fiberglass, acrylic, wax, beads, wire, string, synthetic feathers, silicone, earrings, and flocking 石膏、水性树脂、玻璃纤维、丙烯、蜡、珠、线、绳、合成羽毛、硅胶、耳环和植绒 | 147.32 × 81.28 × 50.80 cm

I have scars from things I don't remember and holes in my ears I made on purpose, so I can hang little things through them. Skin bleeds, heals, and above all absorbs.

Tiny stud earrings puncture the latex stems of Diana Lozano’s floral sculpture. Botany, so often used by humans to decorate and signal beauty, is now personified with its own rituals of adornment. In Tao Siqi's small tender paintings, varied objects and body parts flash like glimpses into memories. Yao Cong's video Under Blue delivers close views of makeup being applied to skin; so close as to disorient — or reorient — our attention. It is in this precarious and porous zone of edges that we encounter the first layer of one’s personhood, everything that's stored Right behind your eyes.

*River Lin’s live performance Invisible Portraits will be held at Capsule from 3 to 6 pm on June 29-30.

Tao Siqi 陶斯祺 | Donut | oil on linen 亚麻布上油画 | 

70 x 50 cm

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