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【七夕专访】关于爱情的法则| 芳草地画廊

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Fairytale on Earth - Hua Qing Solo Exhibition


As a representative exponent of the generation of the 1960s, from the painter's village of Yuanmingyuan to Yugoslavia, Hua Qing experienced the civil war in Eastern Europe, the artistic life of Taiwan, and the life back to the artistic scene of Beijing. Along the way, his view of love has evolved and became very original and unique.

(Q: 芳草地画廊;H:华庆)

( Q: Parkview Green Art; H: Hua Qing)




Q: Mr. Hua Qing, you once talked about the inspiration of your subject matter of chimpanzees; does the inspiration come from a girl?

H: About ten years ago, I wanted to find an image to communicate my thoughts. I certainly wanted to represent a person in my work but didn't want to draw people directly. For example, drawing the human body, or drawing some scenes where people appear, I thought it was simpler for me. The reason was that there was a girl I was obsessed with at that time. Her name was Little Monkey. She was also born in the year of the monkey. I considered that she inspired me a lot. One day, I was sitting in front of the computer, in a state of meditation. Suddenly, there is an image, an alien, with a red monkey standing in front of it, coming to my mind. I think the alien might be me and I made a sketch out of it. I felt satisfied after painting it. Since then, I started painting this image often: the situation went slightly out of control.

When I came back to Beijing in 2007, the little monkeys gradually turned into chimpanzees. These figures began to get rid of their original character, and this can be considered a self-development.

华庆《关于爱情的法则No.1》布面油画,100 x 100cm, 2017

Hua Qing, The Law of Love No.1, Oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm, 2017




Q: In this exhibition, you presented a series of works about love, titled "The Law of Love". Can you talk about your conception of love?

H: The Law of Love is a series of works I created in 2017. I believe that love is based on openness and sincerity from both sides.

As I wrote in my works: we are all inanimate mechanical bodies. Only when a romantic relationship is established, we gain life. The way to develop a close relationship is to open your heart to another person and to understand each other, in order to have access to the spiritual world. This means that you present yourself in front of the other without hiding anything. Both lovers consider this action dangerous and adventurous at the same time, but it is the only way to build an intimate relationship.

华庆《关于爱情的法则No.5》布面油画,100 x 100cm, 2017

Hua Qing The Law of Love No.5, Oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm, 2017

H: “只有在两个人的亲密关系中,才能发现真正的自我。而你会发现自我是一个你自己都不认识的怪物。” 爱情让我们有机会抛开表面的浮夸与虚伪,重新认识和发现自我。

H: "Only in the intimate relationship between two people can the true self be discovered. You will find yourself as a monster, as if you did not know yourself so far." Love allows us to set apart the superficial and hypocritical elements of our life and to re-recognize and rediscover ourselves.

华庆《爱情的法则——博弈》数码版画,54 x 54cm, 2019

Hua Qing, The Law of Love - Chess,  Digital Print, 54 x 54cm, 2019


H: Love is a chess game; of course, this is a game with no winners and no losers. Both sides are struggling to go deep into each other's inner world and understand each other's ideas. I believe that love is a lifelong homework. Learning to get along with the loved one until you feel complete, learning to get along well in the long-term and to be happy is a kind of practice. In other words, a woman represents a teacher for a man: after the graduation from this school, the man can be considered complete.

For this Chinese Valentine's Day, we wish all the lovers to find their own love rules and have a sweet day.


The exhibition will run until September 15th 2019, we will be pleased to see you in our gallery! 


About Artist





Hua Qing

1962 – Born in Anhui, China

1981 – Graduated from art school in Anhui Province, China

1986 – Graduated from the Central Academy of Craft Art, China


Following the transformation of the 1985 New Wave art movement, Hua Qing actively participated in various avant-garde art activities. He lived in a private house located in the West Gate of Peking University and started working as an independent artist. He then became one of the first artists to enter the Yuanmingyuan Village. In 1987, he moved to Europe. During the 1990s, when he was based in the former Yugoslavia, he traveled a lot and he had the chance to get to know about art museums and galleries in Europe. He analyzed and explored Western artistic concepts and ideas and he started developing his artistic praxis. In 1999, he moved to Taipei, where he lived and worked for six years. In 2006, Hua Qing came back to China and established a studio in Beijing: he was back to Chinese contemporary art arena. 


With more than 30 years of artistic career, Hua Qing has held nearly 30 solo exhibitions in Asia, Europe and North America. He participated to more than 200 group exhibitions in internationally renowned biennales and art galleries. His iconic works are widely known and collected by private collectors as well as by art institutions. 

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