艺博会 | Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair | EGG画廊展位P03

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EGG画廊 | 2019上海当代艺术博览会
EGG Gallery | Art021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair
展位号 Booth P03

参展艺术家 | Artists
马可鲁 Ma Kelu
茹小凡 Ru Xiaofan
蔡锦 Cai Jin
朱岚 Zhu Lan
马丁. 韦默尔 Martin Wehmer
于洋 Yu Yang
戈子馀 Ge Ziyu
曾喆 Zeng Zhe
刘爽 Liu Shuang

藏家预览 | Private Days
2019/11/07 周四 14:00-20:00
2019/11/8   周五 13:00-20:00

公众日 | Public Days
2019/11/09 周六 11:00-18:00
2019/11/10  周日 11:00-18:00

地点 | Location
No.1000 Middle Yanan Road Shanghai.

马可鲁 | Ma Kelu


Ma Kelu was born in Shang Hai in 1954, later moving to Beijing. All my Expressions of the world, art, literayure, music, love, kinship, life and death are in my works.

马可鲁 MA Kelu | “啊打”红3号 No.3 A Da Red | 布面油画 Oil On Canvas | 146x146cm | 2016

茹小凡 | Ru Xiaofan 


Born in 1954 in Nanjing, China. Lives and works in Paris and Nanjing. His work narrate history on a deeply philoshical way, full of critical spirit, vitality and fantasy.

大师与玛格丽特 Master and Margaret | 布面油画 Oil on Canvas | 38x26cm | 2013

蔡锦 | Cai Jin

1965 出生于安徽屯溪,1991 毕业于中央美术学院油画研修班 1991 至今在天津美术学院实验艺术学院任教。我一直喜欢水迹和霉斑那种诡秘、蔓延的感觉,这种莫名的感觉逐步形成了我的“风景” 。

1965, Born in Tunxi, Anhui,China. 1991 Graduated from the Oil Painting Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing,China. 1991, Teaching at the Tianjin Fine Arts Institute, Tianjin, China. I adora the mysterious and spreading sence permeated by water stains and mildew spots, an undefinable feeling to be experienced gradually, which turned out to be current "Landscape".

《风景351》No.351 Land Scape | 布面油画 Oil on Canvas | 80x80cm | 2018

朱岚 | Zhu Lan

1962年生于北京的绘画世家。职业画家, 现生活在北京和加拿大。朱岚的作品中有一种音乐性,一种对当下内心即时性情感的纯粹表达,这让人联想到瓦西里·康定斯基将艺术与音乐并置,在他的画面中对于抽象几何形体浪漫的节奏性表达。“形”是朱岚用于表达内心感动,精神性与理性的载体,在她的作品中,一点一线一墨的视觉化表达是她之前所学的笔墨的延伸以及时间沉淀后的结果,每一幅作品都是她在某一阶段对于艺术的体会。

Born in a painting family Beijing China, 1962. Now live in Beijing and Montreal as a professional artist. The form is the carrier for Zhu Lan to express her inner feelings, spiritualities and rational thoughts. In her works, the visual expression of either a tiny ink spot or a simple brush line is based on the extension of her previous ink painting learning and the result of her life experience precipitation. Each piece of work showcases her experience at a particular stage.

无题 Untitled | 水墨 Chinese Ink | 138x138cn | 2018

于洋 | Yu Yang 

1979 出生于内蒙古乌兰浩特市,2013 毕业于中央美术学院中国画学院,获硕士学位 冷墨艺术小组成员,现工作生活于北京。他以罕见的冷静来反思水墨秩序打破后的可能效果,思考自然秩序与人为秩序在可塑性上的关系,接续极简主义与偶发艺术的组合风格,但以水墨的细腻变化,以中国色的感知音乐性,重新安排空间与平面的关系,充分发挥了墨感与色感在偶发随意组合与严格几何秩序性之间自由表达的张力。

1979 Born in Ulanhot in Inner Mongolia Province,2013 Graduated from Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), M.F.A of Modern artistic expression of Chinese painting and research on material Member of the COLD INK art group, working and living in Beijing. Yu Yang uses an uncommon calm to reflect the possible effect after the breaking of water ink regulations, pondering the relationship between natural orders and artificial orders in terms of plasticity, carrying on the combination styles of the minimalism and occasional art, but with the delicate variations of water ink, with Chinese paintings’ conceptual musicality, rearranging the relationship between space and plane, fully exerted the free expressive tension between the sense of ink and sense of colour in the incidental arbitrary combinations and rigorous geometrical orders.

水墨物体-青色绿阶 Ink-Cyan Green | 宣纸设色,桐木 Rice Paper, paulownia wood | 100x110cm | 2019

戈子馀 | Ge Ziyu

1975 年出生于安徽滁州,毕业于东华大学绘画系进修于中国美术学院书法专 业。现生活工作于 北京、无锡。戈子馀的抽象作品具有探索性,色彩单纯而又强烈,既是平面延展,又是立体纵深,艺术家利用光和空间的关系造成视觉错觉感和模糊美学。

Born in Chuzhou in 1975, Graduated from Donghua University, Oil Painting Department. Advanced studied in China Academy of Fine Arts, Calligraphy Department. Now works and lives in Beijing and Wuxi. The series of work by Ge Ziyu is exploratory. The color choices are simple, yet strong. It is simultaneously the extension of the plane and stereoscopic depth, embodying multiple possibilities. The artist utilises space and light to create visual illusions and fuzzy aesthetic.

波系列-10 Bo Series | 综合材料 Mixed Materials | 131×79cm | 2016

马丁.韦默尔 | Martin Wehmer

1966 生于德国哈丁根,798北京双年展策划人,中国北京中央美术学院讲师,现工作生活于中国北京。马丁的作品没有一个明确的目的,也不追随任何系统或风格,他的方式无法归类或定义为任何一种风格。他不停地在试验和探索各种艺术媒介图片、电影和动画,采用异化、引文和覆盖的方式将之转化为绘画的构图;然而这样做并非捕风捉影,而是表达固有的不确定性,因此达到一种介于或超越幻想和现实的境界。

1996 born in Hardingen, Germany. The Curator of 798 Beijing Biennale. Lecturer, Central Academy of Fine Arts. Living and working in Beijing. Martin Wehmer has no declared intentions, follows no system or style; his approach cannot be assigned to any program or stylistic definition. He experiments with the repeated exploration of various artistic media - photography, film and comic - , which he transfers to painterly compositions using alienation, citations and overlaying. Yet in so doing his intention is not to capture the reality content of his pictures but rather to duplicate their inherent uncertainties in order to touch a real beyond or between illusion and reality.

MIAN | Oil on Canvas | 25x35cm | 2019

曾喆 | Zeng Zhe

1980年生于中国浙江,2003年毕业于中央戏剧学院舞台设计专业,现工作生活于北京、柏林。曾喆的绘画在真真正正地审视日常生活中的平凡物体,并从它们当中找出某些独立的文化分量。她在人们 千篇一律对待艺术的面前提出了谦卑的东西,把注意力集中在没有社会意义的小物体上,毫无约束地仔细 检视物体的内在本质 只关心所遭遇物体的真实本质,不计较其它。

1980 Born in Zheng Jiang Province, China. 2003 Graduated from Stage Design of Central Academy of Drama. Currently works and lives in Beijing and Berlin. Zeng zhe's art looks at the mundane objects of life and finds in them the cultural weight of something self-sufficient, bona fide, her accomplishment proposes what amounts to humility in the face of people's indifferent toward art. By consequence, she is free to look closely at its inherent nature - without becoming involved in anything but the stark quiddity she is encountering.

苹果树 Apple tree | 布面油画 Oil on Canvas | 40x30cm | 2018

刘爽 Liu Shuang


Born in 1988. Graduated from school of Architecture of CAFA in 2013.Now living and working in Beijing. Her art works incorporate multiple artistic presentation methods including installation art, architecture design, sculpture, mechanics. Most of her researches focus on the Time-space effect and the substantial and spiritual culture. Explore our sense of reality and illusion.

空间入口 Space entry | 综合材料 Mixed Materials | 200x31.5x31.5cm | 2017

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