杜梦堂新专题「RENCONTRE」Vol.1: 俞杨 Nisky YU

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From social distancing to state lockdown, the idea of “Rencontre” has become more precious than ever. Through a series of individual stories and videos, Dumonteil invites you to our latest feature online — RENCONTRE, a platform sharing updates, thoughts, ideas, and emotions from both national and international artists.

Vol.1: 俞杨 Nisky YU


My Days during the Coronavirus Lockdown

©Olivia Xie

Q: 现在在哪里?
Where are you?
A: 在上海,家&画室。
I stayed at home and my studio in Shanghai.

Q: 防控期间你在做什么?
What were you doing during the COVID-19 lockdown?
A: 主要也是在创作,也和我的编曲老师阿峻一起做了一首新歌(还没录)。过年在家里的三个礼拜画了几副纸上的小画,然后就是在看剧了(差不多一天十几集)
I have been working on some new works and writing a new song with Jun, my music arranger. I finished a few small drawings during the Chinese New Year, then I started watching TV series (about a dozen episodes a day).

创作中的Nisky / Nisky in his creation process
创作中的最新作品 / The latest work

Q: 如果这次疫情没有发生,你会做什么?

What would you be doing if not for COVID-19?

A: 也是在创作吧。I would be drawing and painting as usual.

Q: 这次疫情对你有怎样的影响?


Any thoughts you want to share?

Does it affect or influence your current creations?

A: 可能会更偏向探索内心世界吧。其实我们可以回过头再去看一百多年前,第一次世界大战前后的艺术界。大战前整个艺术圈才思飞涌,出现了各种新鲜的流派,而大战后,大家又纷纷回归传统,在经典中寻找某种灵魂的慰藉与庇护…这对我们怎么去面对与展望接下去艺术界会发生的趋势还有变化还蛮有启示意义的。

Maybe more inclined to explore the inner world, I guess. In fact, if we look back at the art world more than 100 years ago — before and after the First World War. Before the war, the entire art circle was full of ideas, and various fresh schools appeared. After the war, everyone returned to the tradition to seek some kind of comfort or shelter in the classics. This is quite enlightening for us to face and look forward to the trends and changes that may occur in the art world.

Q: 你觉得我们从中学到了什么?

What lessons do you think we have learned from this Coronavirus outbreak?

A: 因为人类的隔离,让大自然又重现了她应有的一些神彩(空气好了,水更清了,动物们更"自由"了…),不过也可以预见,待疫情渐渐控制,人类开始活动后这些神采又将处于"消失"阶段。大家都在说人类应更反思与谦卑的与自然共处,但又有多少会真这么做呢?

Because of the lockdown, nature has rejuvenated — fresher air, clearer water, more active animals... However, we can foresee that when the pandemic is gradually controlled, the vitality of nature will disappear again after human activity goes back to its normal pace. Everyone is saying that humans should be more reflective and humble to coexist with nature, but how many of us can really do this?

Nisky作品手稿 / Manuscripts of Nisky

Q: 你觉得我们都是平等的吗?


Do you think we are all equals?

Any particular situation that you think can fall into the category of discrimination?

A: 可能是"相对平等"吧。老实说,这取决于每个人心里对于"歧视"的定义与理解,因为有时哪怕一个眼神,一声叹气也足以让人感觉被歧视与冒犯了…

Maybe relatively equal.
To be honest, it depends on everyone's definition and understanding of "discrimination". Sometimes even a look, a sigh is enough to make people feel discriminated and offended.


About the Artist

俞杨1989年出生于上海,长期在绘画和音乐等领域进行创作与探索。Nisky是俞杨为自己创造的别名, 取自他最喜欢的两位电影大师Federico Fellini 和Krzysztof Kieslowski的名字结尾, 以此来表达对他们的敬意。

Nisky的绘画作品源于其对美术、音乐、文学与电影的多元理解。“超拼贴”是Nisky近年来从创作体验中提炼出的一个新概念。“超拼贴”超越了拼贴的界限, 在重构原始材料的“语法结构”的基础上, 把不同范畴的两种材料整合成一个“更高层次的统一体”,  达到“完全的渗透”。艺术家选择具有“丰富的矛盾”的材料, 保留这种“争斗”来避免与传 统相互隔离, 让传统以此得到全新的生命力。

自2012年,Nisky由杜梦堂(Galerie Dumonteil)代理。近年来其主要个展包括“幻视I&II” (2017),“重影之景” (2014),“环形迷宫” (2013),“Multi-Nisky” (2011)等。艺术家的作品曾在PAD巴黎,PAD伦敦,Art021,艺览北京等国内外艺博会上展出,并被国内外众多藏家和机构收藏,其中包括一件上海新天地的永久陈列作品。

Yu Yang (aka Nisky, b.1989, Shanghai) has always been exploring in both realms of painting and music. Nisky is an alias forged from the last letters of Federico Fellini and Krzysztof Kieslowski, as a homage to the artist’s favorite filmmakers.

NISKY's works are the result of an ever-lasting cross-disciplinary interest in fine arts, music, literature, and cinema. “Metacollage” is a new concept evolved from the artist’s practice on paper and canvas — an attempt to “surpass the limits of collage” and to form a “superior unit” between painting and other art forms, based on the “syntactic structure” of different materials through a chain of chemical reactions, ultimately to attain “complete osmosis”. For this creative enterprise, the artist opts for materials that are rich in contradictions and struggles, thus revisiting traditions while moving forward.

Since 2012, the artist has been represented by Galerie Dumonteil. Nisky’s work has been the subject of solo exhibitions including Phosphenes I & II  (2017), The Interlacement Landscape (2014), The Circular Maze (2013), Multi-Nisky (2011), etc. The artist has also participated in international art fairs such as PAD Paris, PAD London, Art021, and Jing Art Beijing, etc. And his work has been collected by both Chinese and international private collectors and corporations, among which includes a permanent display at Xintiandi, Shanghai.

 当前展览:Nisky - 俞杨个展
ON VIEW: NISKY - Nisky Yu Solo Exhibition


Featuring more than 20 recent paintings and drawings, the exhibition deciphers the artist’s multi-dimensional space composed of fine arts, music, literature, and movies, among other fields. Through the guidance of poem extracts, on-site improvisation, and Nisky’s original music on-demand, it invites the audience to experience a unique audio-visual journey that explores the mind and the self, reality and imagination.

点击查看详情 Click to Learn More ▽

Nisky's Original Music On-Demand


For this exhibition, Nisky also presents 16 original pieces of music (12 instrumental songs and 4 songs), of which he participated in the arrangement. They are offered in the form of music on demand for all viewers while visiting the exhibition. These creations include vocal, covering the style of pop, classical, rock, etc. After listening to these now somewhat "mysterious" works, everyone will have an idea of Nisky's unique understanding of pop music creation.

Every visitor is welcome to ask our gallery staff to play one or a few songs on the list. And we have disclosed A Song for Baby for you. Enjoy! 


The lyrics of A Song for Baby tells a story about memory and eternity. The new "Four Pieces" configuration composed of harp, oboe, flute and cello makes the whole work more classical, while the string group continues to accumulate and push forward emotions, interacting with the singer's voice, as well as each musical instrument.

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俞杨 NISKY | 展览《幻视》作品赏析 II

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