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博览会 | Liste Showtime 线上展厅 Showtime 线上 展厅 博览会 画廊 平台 苏予昕 作品 Liste 艺术家 崇真艺客

博览会 | Liste Showtime 线上展厅 Showtime 线上 展厅 博览会 画廊 平台 苏予昕 作品 Liste 艺术家 崇真艺客

没顶画廊荣幸参展Liste Showtime 线上展厅,于平台上呈现苏予昕的作品。同时,苏予昕还将参与Liste推出的艺术家合作项目,艺术家们将以海报的形式阐述主题“重塑我们的想象力”(Rewriting our Imaginations)。海报作品将于2020年9月2日至15日在巴塞尔的公共空间中展出,并在线上展示与出售。

MadeIn Gallery is honored to participate in Liste Showtime, presenting works by artist Su Yu-Xin. In addition to the online platform, Su Yu-Xin will also participate in the collaborative artist project, addressing the theme "Rewriting Our Imaginating" in the form of a poster. The poster will be shown and sold online as well as on view in public space in Basel from September 2 to September 15, 2020. 

Liste Showtime


贵宾预览 | VIP Preview

2020.9.11 10 am CEST - 9.13

公众开放日 | Public Days

2020.9.14 10 am CEST - 9.20


博览会 | Liste Showtime 线上展厅 Showtime 线上 展厅 博览会 画廊 平台 苏予昕 作品 Liste 艺术家 崇真艺客

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 参展作品 | Artworks on Display 

博览会 | Liste Showtime 线上展厅 Showtime 线上 展厅 博览会 画廊 平台 苏予昕 作品 Liste 艺术家 崇真艺客

苏予昕《河流折#6,渐强》,2019,油彩、丙烯、亚麻布,250 x 160 cm

Su Yu-Xin, Stream Folds #6, Crescendo, 2019, Oil and acrylic on flax, 250 x 160 cm

博览会 | Liste Showtime 线上展厅 Showtime 线上 展厅 博览会 画廊 平台 苏予昕 作品 Liste 艺术家 崇真艺客

苏予昕《沙漏》,2019,油彩、丙烯、亚麻布,200 x 160 cm

Su Yu-Xin, Sky Is an Hourglass, 2019, Oil and acrylic on flax, 200 x 160 cm

博览会 | Liste Showtime 线上展厅 Showtime 线上 展厅 博览会 画廊 平台 苏予昕 作品 Liste 艺术家 崇真艺客

苏予昕《每日此时#23》,2019,油彩、丙烯、石膏木板,30 x 41 x 11 cm

Su Yu-Xin, Every Day About This Time #23, 2019, Oil and acrylic on gesso board, 30 x 41 x 11 cm

 关于苏予昕 | About Su Yu-Xin 

苏予昕,1991年生于台湾,2016年于英国伦敦大学斯莱德美术学院研究所毕业。目前创作于台北,上海之间。苏予昕的绘画与其他媒介实践专注于捕获视觉,语言和神经感知之间的联系。通过绘画对图像和影像进行捕捉,她的作品更倾向于抓住生活中模糊的感知和时刻的复杂交织。与其越过,她倾向与绘画本身的限制一起工作,让平面的画布制造空; 或让静止的图像去收纳时间。在具象与非具象间摆荡的图像中,她通过绘画的行动,去调查现实生活中人们对于一对象物(风景、物件)的经验,如何回过头来,改变我们制造其图像与再现的方法,抑或相反地,观者阅读一图像的方式,是否参与了在真实中如何体验的可能。苏予昕的绘画是静物,图表,风景,信息碎片和记忆以多声道、多时区、多屏幕的印象混合输出。在这个事物投射出来的印象比事物本身更丰富的时代,其绘画欲描述的是一多元感知杂揉的平行印象主义。

近期参加过的重要展览及项目包括:个人项目“几乎没有记忆”,没顶画廊,上海,2020;“用色拼字”,关渡美术馆,台北,2019;“此地有狮”, 798艺术中心,北京,2019;“野根茎亚洲艺术双年展”,台湾美术馆,台中,2018;“违章建筑III-特区”,长征空间,北京,2018;“平面震颤”,长征空间,北京,2016;“未来岛屿”,萨奇美术馆,伦敦,2016;“2016斯莱德美术学院毕业展”, 伦敦大学, 伦敦,2016;“Refuse: Refuge: Re-fuse, The KoppelProject ”,伦敦,2016;“独立出版计划”,伦敦大学,伦敦,2016;“2015 斯莱德美术学院期中展”,斯莱德美术学院,伦敦,2015;等。


Su Yu-Xin (b. 1991) was born in Taipei. She holds an MFA in Fine Arts from Slade School of Fine Art UCL, and works between Shanghai and Taipei. Her painting and other practices focus on the relationships between visual language and other sensorial perceptions. Rather than painting from images or photography, Su’s work often tends to explore the complexity of a moment or a vague perception in life. Su uses painting to construct a delicate alternation of horizons, which varying distances elicit different paces of observation. The colorful layered surface and multi-perspectives in her works generate a dynamic vision within each painting.

Su’s paintings study how different rhythms, and fundamentally, the fluidity of human experience can operate and be stored inside a still imagery. In her practice, the landscape is an in-between place, a traditional frontality in painting, which allows the artist to switch between figuration and abstraction, investigating the concept of new landscape- a mixture of still-life, graphs, digital calendar, fragments of text and memory. The landscape she is depicting is a field of hybrid vision and a contemporary impressionism that was never seen before this age.

Her recent exhibitions include: Solo Project “Almost No Memory”, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, 2020; “A Hueto Spell”, Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts, Taipei, 2019; “hic sunt leones”, 798 Art Centre, Beijing, 2019; “Taiwan Biennial-Wild Rhizome”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung, 2018; “Building Code Violation III, Special Economic Zone”, Long March Space, Beijing, 2018; “A World in a Grain of Sand: MappingShapes and Sites for Social Deometries Atlantis Fosun Foundation”, Sanya, 2018; “Trembling Surfaces”, Long March Space, Beijing, 2016; “Future Island”, Saatchi Gallery, London, 2016; “2016 Slade Degree Show”, UCL, London, 2016; “Refuse: Refuge: Re-fuse”, The Koppel Project, London, 2016; “Small press project”, University of College London, London,2016; “2015 Slade Interim show”, UCL, Slade School of Fine Art, London,2015; etc.

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 关于没顶画廊 | About MadeIn Gallery



没顶画廊合作艺术家包括:蔡坚、陈冷、陈英、丁力、艾略特·多德(Elliot Dodd)、冯梦波、冯至炫、龚剑、何岸、李汉威、刘成瑞、刘娃、陆博宇、陆平原、苗颖、莫少龙、佩恩恩、蒲英玮、商亮、沈莘、苏予昕、王思顺、王梓全、王新一、夏云飞、徐大卫、徐震®、杨深、杨扬、张联、郑源、钟慰、周子曦。

MadeIn Gallery was established in 2014 in Shanghai by the contemporary art creation and curating platform MadeIn Company, a corporation founded by international influential artist Xu Zhen.

MadeIn Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of outstanding artists and projects, spurring the development of contemporary culture and international exchanges. Since its creation, the gallery has organized numerous curated, high-quality solo and group exhibitions of both emerging and established artists, becoming a unique and important art platform. MadeIn Gallery excels in discovering and accompanying young talented artists in their career,  as well as actively participating among international dialogues, in the Chinese and international contemporary art scene.

Collaborating artists: Cai Jian, Chen Leng, Chen Ying, Ding Li, Elliot Dodd, Feng Mengbo, Feng Zhixuan, Gong Jian, He An, Li Hanwei, Liu Chengrui, Liu Wa, Lu Boyu, Lu Pingyuan, Miao Ying, Mo Shaolong, Payne Zhu, Pu Yingwei, Shang Liang, Shen Xin, Su Yu-Xin, Wang Sishun, Wang Newone, Wang Ziquan, Xia Yunfei, Xu Dawei, XU ZHEN®, Yang Shen, Yang Yang, Zhang Lian, Zheng Yuan, Zhong Wei, Zhou Zixi.



博览会 | Liste Showtime 线上展厅 Showtime 线上 展厅 博览会 画廊 平台 苏予昕 作品 Liste 艺术家 崇真艺客

博览会 | Liste Showtime 线上展厅 Showtime 线上 展厅 博览会 画廊 平台 苏予昕 作品 Liste 艺术家 崇真艺客

博览会 | Liste Showtime 线上展厅 Showtime 线上 展厅 博览会 画廊 平台 苏予昕 作品 Liste 艺术家 崇真艺客

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