Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3

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Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客

Studio Gallery is pleased to present Open Critique volume 3: a critique marathon event centred around an upcoming pop-up exhibition.

◆ Pop-up exhibition

Compared to our regular programs, a pop-up exhibition shifts emphasis from the integrity and consistency of an artist’s practice, to his/her changing process. The works chosen for the exhibition aim to dissect the artists’ practice in the bluntest way possible, showing us their most immediate musings, as well as the possible directions they are going. The works should function as a departure point for further investigation and discussion among their peers.

◆ Critique marathon

We hope to build a platform for mutual learning and foster a sense of community among the participating artists through the day-long critique marathon. The long duration and high-intensity model serves to break down barriers and reach for open-minded conversations about the works. Building upon in-depth discussions on the participants’ practices, we hope to inspire an ongoing dialogue about the artistic process.


10.15-10.18 11:00-18:00 



10:00-16:00 OpenCritique

Participating artists and guests will be engaged in discussions (60 minutes per artist) centred around the works presented in the exhibition. This event will be broadcast online, and comments or questions are encouraged on our broadcast platform. For a more effective critique environment, there will be no live audience.

16:30-19:30 Reception
The invitation for the opening reception will be published on the WeChat official account. Save and present the invitation to participate in the opening.


Daniel Chen

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客

Daniel Chen (b. 1997 Huntsville, Alabama, USA) paints images that combine modernist abstraction with banal, mundane life to document fleeting, literal, and metaphorical moments – a flower to signify love, beauty, time, and ultimately collecting the pieces again after the death of the flower. Currently living and working in Shanghai, China and having received his BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2019, Daniel Chen is an artist as a model of the American dream acting as a bridge balancing his relationship and lived experiences to his home country and identity. Drawing from the history of still-life and landscape painting which has historically been deemed lesser, feminine art genres and often dismissed, the work subverts, exploits, and combines the history of abstraction and impressionism creating a dichotomy between sincere tenderness and extravagant decoration. They are modest, humble paintings that exist in lived experience and are culminations of a variety of painterly languages and vibrant colors invested in heartbreaking temporariness. Daniel Chen hopes to give beauty to a world that seems to lack an abundance of it and to say “I love you” to loved ones and family. 

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客
Blossom, 2020,oil on canvas, 40 x 45cm

Junyi Lu

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客

Junyi Lu was born in Guangzhou, China in 1996, and has graduated from Maryland Institute College of Art with an honored BFA degree in 2018. She currently lives and works in Shanghai, China. Her practice specializes in paintings with varied mediums in order to create absurd images emphasizing visual perceptions and evoking subtle personal responses from the viewer. Based on dialectical thoughts about our modern society influenced by a capitalistic pursuit of efficiency, her works explore human’s future position in relation to nature and technology. Pursuing an abstract and effective visual expression, Lu sets figures with ambiguous gender and minimal body features in fictional scenes where components are attached with symbolic meanings to create narratives. She manipulates different materials and mediums to form multiple layers within objects and nuance in space. The juxtaposition of the absurd imagery and its methodical finish is designed to leave dumbfounded humour to the audience. Her works have been exhibited in GlogauAIR Berlin, Ke Art Museum, and Untitled Space in Shanghai.

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客
Road Trip (WIP),2020,acrylic oil on canvas,150 x 150cm

Zihan Liang 

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客
Liang Zihan (b.1996) received her BFA from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2018 with a focus on painting. She now lives in Guangdong and Shanghai, working as a freelance writer and translator while maintaining a studio practice of painting, drawing and artist book. Through her practice, she is figuring out her relationship with the passing of time. She wants to portray the time that is about to past, looking for the silhouette of a passing-by in the time and space of blowing wind.

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客Hua,2020,gesso and gouach on canvas ,120x150cm

Rui Wang 

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客

Born in Sichuan in 1989, Graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 2012. Then I went to Beijing. Lived and worked in Beijing for 6 years and moved to Shanghai in 2018. Now long addiction to the Internet, Wandering around in the online world. Is the "Vagrant", "Naturalist" and "Invisible guest" of the virtual world. Network ID: “闲人” “人精”. At present, it mainly explores the body and consciousness of oneself and observes the external world through image editing.

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客
物质性重复-1,2020,Aluminum plate,pencil on paper,stone,leaf,resin54 x 48cm

Zhiliang Zhao 

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客

Born 1996 in Shenzhen, China, Zhiliang Zhao currently lives and works in Shanghai. He graduated B.F.A. in Spring 2019 from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. Zhao's sculptures and mixed-media installations oscillate between comfort and anxiety, often with the body as a site. Hand-crafted porcelain and clay objects lie next to sterile, familiar domestic products. Humour comes in as stealthily as fluid or sight travels through tubes or holes. A playful wink, a coy nudge.

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客
Pink Sock,2020,paper clay, mirror acrylic, cardboard, gouache,165 x 24 x 24 cm

Review | 「THere」OpenCritique

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客

Residency Project for AW 2020

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客

Participating Guests of OpenCritique Volume 3 崇真艺客

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