陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术

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Schrödinger said, "The essence of life is to absorb order". Chen Qiang

陈墙 © 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术
片长:4'35" | 拍摄地点:陈墙工作室
Chen Qiang © 2020 · Psychedelic
Length: 4'35"| location: Chen Qiang studio


My name is Chen Qiang


I  was born in Hunan


In 1969, I followed my parents to Guizhou

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客


1976-1979,Chen Qiang left technical school and frst became a worker in factory


I was very fond of doodling when I was10 or 11 years old


In1985, I was admitted to East China Normal University

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客
Group photo of Chen Qiang with friends at university


In my opinion, artists need soil to grow


Art in his mind was a seed at the beginning


So, the way of thinking of the artist becomes the soil of art


Now I am in Shanghai, and Shanghai has become my soil

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客
Photo of Chen Qiang in studio at 4th Grade of East China Normal University 


I think humans are prisoners of the concept of self


Why painting


Painting is freedom of the soul


It's easy to say, but most painters don't feel free in their hearts.


Our goal is to free our soul


So I want to draw a pure land for the soul


Actually I draw abstract paintings, but my whole way of thinking is concrete


Is till have the desire to express, when I am drawing


Later, my paintings are more  inclined to decorative style

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客


Chen Qiang and his early decorative paintng


I know that being decorative is very dangerous 


Because when we look at the decorative painting, we don’t ask what does the painting express


Just purely to see


Actually when we replace perception with vision


In the face of powerful experience, we are no longer purely to see


We just only read, recognize and identifies


Purely to see, which is not to recognize and identifies


At the beginning, I painted decorative paintings in this way


For myself, I need to wash


This kind of visual identification and interpretation off


I'm actually solving my own problem

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客
陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客


Decorative paintings by Chen Qiang in 2005




I'm basically going to think about it in terms of the native state


Do you notice that the lines in my paintings are anti-order


About 10 to 20 years


I am completely in order


The first is to release my freedom by constraining me


So there will be this disordered line in my later paintings


To the viewer, when he stands infront of an abstract painting, all he sees is himself


It’s just a reflection of his experience


It’s a bit of personal utopia and personal nihilism


Because its theme emphasizes inner freedom




When you take yourself seriously


You will find that you are not free, and the pictures you draw are full of struggles


Actually, this kind of stuggles state is the best

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客


Chen Qiang's everyday life of creating works

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客


Chen Qiang's coffee cup from a friend as present


陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客


CHEN QIANG, Red yellow blue — white and yellow, Rice paper on canvas, ink, oil

100 x 80 cm  2018


陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客


CHEN QIANG, Red yellow blue — whiteand blue, Rice paper on canvas, ink, oil

100 x 80 cm  2018

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客


CHEN QIANG, Work 17-14, Rice paper on canvas, ink, oil

160 x 120 cm  2017

Schrodinger said: "The essence of life is absorbing order". In other words, "Life organism seems to lead the flow of entropy reduction (order) to itself, so as to offset the entropy increase (disorder) produced in its life, so as to maintain itself at a stablelow quotient (order) level".


陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客
陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客
陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客
陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客

2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术展览现场

Exhibition site of "2020·Psychedelic -- Urban Landscape and Abstraction"

Painting is the record and exploration of this order in its unique way. Especially in classical painting, we will try our best to establish a strict order like life, and regard entropy increase as a forbidden area. However, due to its repeated reproduction of order, it can no longer meet the internal needs of modern life. Therefore, in modern painting and post-modern art, the classical recording method is changed, and the forbidden area is regarded as a symbol to be liberated by each, or a guess on the liberation of the forbidden area. But I think that the intervention of modern painting in this forbidden area is to find a new order from the opposite direction, rather than just to seek emotional satisfaction when breaking through the forbidden area. --Chen Qiang

作品选登  Art appreciation

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客

CHEN QIANG, 19-19, Oil on canvas
200 × 158 cm  2019

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客

CHEN QIANG, 19-20, Oil on canvas
170 × 170 cm  2019

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客

CHEN QIANG, 19-21, Oil on canvas
170 × 170 cm  2019

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客

CHEN QIANG, 20-2, Oil on canvas
120 × 90 cm  2020

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客

CHEN QIANG, 20-5, Oil on canvas
170 × 170 cm  2020

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客
CHEN QIANG, 20-9, Oil on canvas
120 × 90 cm  2020

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客
CHEN QIANG, 20-16, Oil on canvas
100 × 80 cm  2020

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客


ChenQiang,1960  Born in China, 1989  Graduated from Fine Arts Department, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China. Currently working and living in Shanghai, China.


2019 无受之感,鹿与艺术空间,沈阳,中国 \ 地平线,今格空间,北京,中国 \ 2018 陈墙:想法不重要,阿拉里奥画廊,上海,中国 \ 2017 余光 - 陈墙抽象作品展,帕斯库艺术空间,瑪萨袅,瑞士 \ 2015 交叉 - 陈墙(1990与2015),艺博画廊,上海,中国 \ 陈墙(1990与2014、2015),紫禁轩画廊,上海,中国 \ 2013 陈墙,Galerie FrankSchlag & Cie画廊,埃森,德国 \ 视觉意志——陈墙,三条祗園画廊,京都,日本 \ 2012 光与影——陈墙,上海美术馆,上海,中国 \ 2011 相距2米2,Insel Hombroich艺术基金会,诺伊斯,德国 \ 2010 上海—诺伊斯—陈墙作品展,Pretty Land Gallery, 克雷弗尔得,德国 \ 2007 美好时光——陈墙作品展,苏河现代艺术馆,上海,中国 \ 2004陈墙作品1993-2003,Zeit-Foto Salon,东京, 日本 \ 2001 陈墙作品展,亦安画廊, 上海,中国 \ 1995 陈墙抽象绘画展,上海美术馆, 上海,中国

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 FELT BUT NOT RESPONDED-Chen Qiang, DEERAND ALL ART SPACE, Shenyang, China \ HORIZON,GINKGO SPACE, Beijing, China \ 2018 CHENQiang: Not only the Idea, Arario Gallery, Shanghai, China \ 2017 AFTERGLOW- OPERE ASTRATTE DI CHEN QIANG, Pasquee, Massagno, Switzerland \ 2015 Intersection- Chen Qiang (1990&2015),Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China \ ChenQiang (1990&2014.2015), Forbidden City Gallery, Shanghai, China \ 2013 Chen Qiang, Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie Gallery, Essen, Germany \ The Visual Will — Chen Qiang , Sanjyo Gion Gallary, Kyoto, Japan \ 2012 Light And Shadow — Chen Qiang , Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China \ 2011 A Distance of 2.2 Meters, Insel Hombroich Foundation, Neuss, Germany \ 2010 Shanghai-Neuss-Chen Qiang Works Exhibition, Pretty Land Gallery, Krefeld, Germany \ 2007 Beautiful Time, Creek Art Center, Shanghai, China \ 2004 Painting 1993-2003,Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo, Japan \ 2001 Painting 2001, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China \ 1995 Chen Qiang’s Abstract Paintings, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客
陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客

墙工作室 @ 2020

Chen Qiang studio @ 2020


2020 冷与热-抽象2020(上),艺博画廊,上海,中国 \ 2017 形象之源 – 上海抽象艺术展,年代美术馆,温州,中国 \ 今天的中国,艾德维克美术馆,斯德哥尔摩,瑞典 \ 零度之维:抽象艺术的理性表达,蜂巢当代艺术中心,北京,中国 \ 方寸之间,亦安·上海,上海,中国 \ 2016 水墨的解构与解放——意与象,重庆长江当代美术馆,重庆,中国 \ 中国线 - 当代艺术研究,年代美术馆,温州,中国 \ 2015 没别的,艺博画廊,上海,中国 \ 城市之光 - 2015上海当代艺术大展,云艺术中心,上海,中国 \ 美丽新世界 - 国际当代艺术主题展,南京国际展览中心,南京,中国 \ 时空书写:抽象艺术在中国,上海当代艺术博物馆,上海,中国 \ 今天的中国抽象绘画,Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie画廊,埃森,德国 \ 秩序的边界,蜂巢当代艺术中心,北京,中国 \ 水墨作为一种材料,面粉厂美术馆,上海,中国 \ 意向与存在,凯宾斯基元素艺术画廊,贵阳,中国 \ 2014 无形至上–来自中国的抽象绘画,多巴赫胡乐尔当代艺术博物馆,多巴赫,德国 \ 色不异空–国际抽象绘画艺术家联展,梅江国际艺术馆,天津,中国 \ 另一种乌托邦–上海抽象,明园美术馆,上海,中国 \ 止于纸上–上海抽象纸上作品展,203艺术空间,上海,中国 \ 2013 29+1—中日视觉艺术交流展,219文化创意广场,贵阳,中国 \ 蜕变,其他画廊,上海,中国 \ 联绵時代:八位藝術家群展,索卡艺术中心,北京,中国 \ 心神汇,外滩22号艺术中心,上海,中国 \ 2012 共生:乌江缘,贵阳美术馆,贵阳,中国 \ 图与词:马格利特以来,中国美术馆,北京,中国 \ 中国-德国:今天的抽象绘画!CASPAR LUDWIG OPLANDER STIFTUNG ,多特蒙德,德国;北京,中国 \ 地平线——上海、山梨,日本山梨县美术馆,日本 \ 上海文化——朝向未来的回归,上海画廊联盟,上海,中国 \ 在当代——中国油画双年展,中国美术馆,北京,中国 \ 艺术红坊,上海画廊联盟,上海,中国 \ 品藏东方——中国经典艺术展,上海美术馆,上海,中国 \ 2011 世界的尽头——2011冰与火,乌斯怀亚三年展,乌斯怀亚,阿根廷 \ 中国盆景,巴伦西亚现代艺术博物馆,西班牙 \ 中国现在抽象艺术展,Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie画廊,埃森,德国 \ 象由心生——中国抽象艺术第四回展,偏锋新艺术空间,北京,中国 \ 道法自然——中国抽象艺术展,上海当代艺术馆,上海,中国 \ 上海抽象五人展,创新画廊,上海,中国 \ 城市·抽象·空间,元嘉艺术中心,上海,中国 \ 2010 意韵·汉字——汉字艺术印象,今日美术馆,北京,中国 \ 反应,圣菱画廊,上海,中国 \ 5 TH International Plenin-air,旧松奇,波兰 \ 2010艺术• 设计实验展,半岛1919艺术与设计中心,上海,中国 \ 天空中的展览,A20高架塔式广告牌,上海,中国 \ 纸上谈兵,谈是艺术空间,上海,中国 \ 他们说:当代抽象艺术展,圣菱画廊,上海,中国 \ 上海摩登——中国现代美术展,CAI 现代艺术研究所、门马画廊,日本札幌 \ 无物之阵——当代抽象艺术学术邀请展,湖北省艺术馆,武汉,中国 \ 2009 迈阿密国际艺术博览会,UCCA,迈阿密,美国 \ 扇道——夏季特展,美术文献艺术中心,武汉,中国 \ 当下——2,周围艺术,上海,中国 \ 扇道,雅巢画廊,上海,中国 \ 上海抽象艺术展,圣菱画廊,上海,中国 \ 在路上,周围艺术,上海,中国 \ 2008 花好月圆,余德耀美术馆,雅加达,印度尼西亚 \ 2008-中国当代艺术,东京SHINWA美术馆,日本东京 \ Michael·Geowe 陈若冰陈墙,雅巢画廊,上海,中国 \ 抽象的原点,周围艺术,上海,中国 \ 上海当代艺术12人展,轻井泽现代美术馆,日本长野 \ 动,亦安画廊798,北京,中国 \ 开放,亦安画廊,北京,中国 \ 另一种实验——当代新抽象,K· 画廊,成都,中国 \ 当下——1,周围艺术,上海,中国 \ SPECIAL INAUGURAL,知己画廊,上海,中国 \ 中国新视像——来自上海美术馆中国当代艺术展,拉撕佩齐亚现当代艺术中心,意大利 \ 中国当代艺术Zeit-Foto藏品展,上海美术馆,上海,中国 \ 2007 2007-中国当代艺术,东京SHINWA美术馆,日本东京 \ 回转《融合》前瞻:中国当代美术,对比窗艺廊,上海,中国 \ 抽象九人展,雅巢画廊,上海,中国 \ 玻璃,K画廊,成都,中国 \ 欧亚壹,ISLARD 6艺术中心,上海,中国 \ 2006 微·妙——上海油画家纸本作品邀请展,徐汇艺术馆,上海,中国 \ 我们的障碍——当代艺术展,艺事后素现代美术馆,南京,中国 \ 释义进行时/2006,刘海粟美术馆,上海,中国 \ 以物之名——2006海上山艺术中心提名作品邀请展,海上山艺术中心,上海,中国 \ 2006上海抽象艺术大展,明圆文化艺术中心,上海,中国 \ 高档货——来自上海——上海当代艺术展,巴黎新凯旋门顶层文化展厅,法国巴黎七位画家——中国当代艺术,Zeit-Foto Salon, 日本东京 \ 2005 病:我们今天的艺术,南京美术馆,南京,中国 \ 形而上2005——黑与白,上海美术馆, 上海,中国 \ 显现—当代艺术展,上海凹凸库,上海,中国 \ 长安大街——苏河现代艺术馆开幕展,苏河现代艺术馆,上海,中国 \ 我与春天有个约会,春天翰墨画廊,上海,中国 \ 2004 2004上海抽象艺术大展,上海明圆文化艺术中心,上海,中国 \ 游春,亦安画廊,上海,中国 \ 龙族之梦——中国当代艺术展,爱尔兰当代美术馆,爱尔兰 \ 派对——苏洲河展览,东廊艺术,上海,中国 \ 错觉,亦安画廊,上海,中国 \ 2003 形而上2003——上海抽象艺术展,上海美术馆, 上海,中国 \ 念珠与笔触,北京东京艺术工程, 北京,中国 \ 不同的选择,半岛美术馆,  上海,中国 \ 2002 CHINA CONTEMPOR 一半现代,ARTSEASONS 画廊, 新加坡东+西——中国当代艺术展,维也纳艺术家之家,奥地利维也纳 \ 回到原处,亦安画廊,上海,中国 \ 形而上2002——上海抽象艺术展,上海美术馆, 上海,中国 \ 抽象新世说——2002上海抽象艺术群体展,刘海粟美术馆, 上海,中国 \ 2001 非常/平常,亦安画廊, 上海,中国 \ 形而上2001——上海抽象艺术展,上海美术馆, 上海,中国 \ 2000 上海2000,Walsh 画廊, 芝加哥美国 \ 2000上海青年美术作品邀请展,刘海粟美术馆, 上海,中国 \ 1999 都市印象——99上海抽象艺术沙龙邀请展,上海大学美术学院,上海,中国 \ 新上海抽象艺术展,上海世家花园, 上海,中国 \ 乌江缘——当代艺术家作品邀请展,贵州省博物馆, 贵阳,中国 \ 99上海青年大展,刘海粟美术馆, 上海,中国 \ 1998 当代香港、台北、上海艺术交流展,台湾国立艺术教育馆/香港艺术中心,台北/香港,中国 \ 1997 当代艺术家作品邀请展,上海长宁艺术中心, 上海,中国 \ 庆回归、当代艺术展,香港会议展览中心新翼, 香港,中国 \ 无形的存在——抽象艺术展,上海大学美术学院, 上海,中国 \ 1995 在中国——纸本作品展,Carol Johnssen画廊, 德国慕尼黑 \ 1994 94架上图像资料展,华东师范大学, 上海,中国 \ 1992 上海油画艺术展,上海艺术家画廊, 上海,中国 \ 1991 中国上海现代画家油画展,西尾,日本 \ 1989 89美术作品展,上海艺术家画廊,上海,中国 \ 庆祝上海解放四十周年美术作品展,上海美术馆,上海,中国

Selected Group Exhibitions
2020 COOL & HOT - Abstraction 2020 (Part I), Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China \ 2017 IMAGE SOURCE – Shanghai Abstract Art Exhibition, Epoch ArtMuseum, Wenzhou, China \ CHINA TODAY , Edsvik Konsthall, Stockholm , Sweden \ DEGREE ZERO OF ART: the Rational Expression of Abstract Art, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China \ Unconfined, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China \ 2016 China Line -Contemporary Research Exhibition, Epoch Art Museum, Wenzhou, China \ 2015 NOTHING ELSE, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai, China \ CITYVISION- Shanghai Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yun-Contemporary Arts Center, Shanghai, China \ A BEAUTIFULNEW WORLD - International Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing International Exhibition Center, Nanjing, China \ Calligraphic Time and Space: Abstract Art in China, Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China \ Chinese Abstract Painting Today! Galerie Frank Schlag & Cie Gallery, Essen, Germany \ THE BOUNDARIES OF ORDER, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China \ Mountain Ink as Kind of Material, Flour Mills ART Gallery, Shanghai, China \ Image and Existence, Kempinski Element in art gallery, Guiyang China \ 2014 ABSTRACT PAINTING FROM CHINA, Hurrle Museum for Contemporary Art, Durbach, Germany \ FORM DOES NOT DIFFER FROM EMPTINESS – International Abstract Painting Exhibition, Meijiang Art Center,Tianjin, China \ ANOTHER UTOPIA – SHANGHAI ABSTRACT ART, Mingyuan Art Museum, Shanghai, China \ WANDERING & DWELLING ON PAPER: ABSTRACT ARTS ON PAPER, 203 Art, Shanghai, China \ 2013 TRANSFORMATION, Other Gallery, Shanghai, China \ The Interwoven Era,SOKS ART CENTRE, Beijing, China \ LIGHTEN THE MIND, No,22 the Bund Art Center, Shanghai, China \ 2012 SYMBIOTIC: Serendipity of Wujiang 2012, Guiyang art Museum, Guiyang, China \ Images and Words: Since Magritte Era, China Art Museum, Beijing, China \ China-Germany: Abstract Painting today! CASPAR LUDWIG OPLANDER STIFTUNG,

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观展须知 Visitor information

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客


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  • 本次展览免费,观展需提前预约。
    Free entrance. Reservations are required in advance.
  • 入馆前,请出示随申码并登记来访信息。
    Before you enter the exhibition, please show your Shanghai QR Code to register.
  • 全程佩戴口罩,与其他观众保持1.5米距离。
    Pleace wear face masks, and keep a distance of 1.5m away from others.

We pick 3 audiences each week (according to registered informations) to giveaway the catalogue and tote bag of this exhibition. Please come and visit!

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客


Special Thanks: HONGRI LIGHTING, Yizu Photography Studio, Shanghai MOGU Culture Communication Co., Ltd


Translator: Yang Ruolan, Wang Mingjing

更多内容 就在下期

Please follow for more information

陈墙 | 2020 · 致幻——景观与抽象艺术 崇真艺客

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