麦勒画廊@2021北京当代艺术博览会 | 3号馆3.4展位

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贵宾预览 VIP Preview

2021.10.13(周三|Wed.) 15:00 – 19:00
2021.10.14(周四|Thu. ) 11:00 – 18:00


2021.10.15(周五|Fri.  ) 11:00 – 18:00
2021.10.16(周六|Sat. ) 11:00 – 18:00
2021.10.17(周日|Sun.) 11:00 – 18:00

展会地点 Venue


National Agricultural Exhibition Center, Beijing

Hall 3, Booth 3.4


Galerie Urs Meile is honored to announce we will be participating in the Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2021. At the art fair, we will be presenting new works by Chen Zuo, Ju Ting, Li Gang, Qiu Shihua and Zhang Xuerui:


Chen Zuo (b. 1990, Hunan) received his BFA and MFA in oil painting from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2015 and 2021. Painting is at the center of Chen Zuo’s artistic practice. A shape, a color, an object, even a memory can serve as an inspiration for his paintings. The artist selects these emotionally resonant “objects” as the beginning of a search through individual experience for metaphorical, satirical or cathartic relationships against a broader or more distant background. Chen Zuo’s painting embodies precise technique and exacting discipline, yet is also brimming with emotion, encompassing richness and serendipity, and tightly linked to real life experience and memory. This is Chen Zuo’s first presentation in Beijing with Galerie Urs Meile since our collaboration. 

麦勒画廊@2021北京当代艺术博览会 | 3号馆3.4展位  麦勒画廊 麦勒画廊 北京 艺术 博览会 展位 贵宾 VIP Preview Wed 公众 崇真艺客

陈作,《旅行者》,2017,布面油画,53 × 46 cm

Chen Zuo, Travelers, 2017, oil on canvas, 53 × 46 cm

鞠婷(1983年生于山东)的作品兼具绘画和雕塑的特征,并模糊了这两个传统媒介之间的界限。我们此次将展出鞠婷最新创作的 《琥珀》系列及《凛冬将至》系列。艺术家把一层又一层的丙烯颜料涂抹在一块木板上,当颜料基于二维空间积累到一定厚度时,鞠婷选择以不同的外力作用于图层,处理层层叠加的色彩。目前鞠婷最新个展“风动”在麦勒画廊卢森部举办,展览将持续至10月29日。

Ju Ting’s (b. 1983, Shandong) works possess traits of both painting and sculpture, and blur the lines between these two traditional mediums. We will be presenting works from her latest Amber series and Winter is Coming series. Ju Ting applies layer after layer of acrylic over a wood panel, and when they accumulate to reach a certain thickness, chooses different ways of rendering the layers of colors. Ju Ting’s latest solo exhibition “When the Wind Comes” is now open at Galerie Urs Meile Lucerne and will continue through October 29, 2021.

麦勒画廊@2021北京当代艺术博览会 | 3号馆3.4展位  麦勒画廊 麦勒画廊 北京 艺术 博览会 展位 贵宾 VIP Preview Wed 公众 崇真艺客

鞠婷,《凛冬将至》,2021,木板丙烯,155 × 187 × 14 cm
Ju Ting, Winter is Coming, 2021, acrylic on board, 155 × 187 × 14 cm

麦勒画廊@2021北京当代艺术博览会 | 3号馆3.4展位  麦勒画廊 麦勒画廊 北京 艺术 博览会 展位 贵宾 VIP Preview Wed 公众 崇真艺客

Ju Ting, Winter is Coming, detail

李钢(1986年生于云南大理)善于运用生活中不同的媒介与材料进行美学探索与实践。我们此次将展出其最新装置作品《ekpameu》(2019,玻璃,金属固定件,全长490 cm,玻璃直径5 cm,6版 + 2 AP),作品名由艺术家将隐藏在蛐蛐鸣叫声里的摩斯密码输入翻译软件得来,并将叫声里的摩斯密码烧制成了一串红色的玻璃代码。此外,我们还将展示其摄影作品《Love》 (2018,c-print,带框,照片尺寸:110 x 80 cm;外框尺寸:123 x 93 cm,6版 + 2 AP)。

Li Gang (b. 1986, Dali, Yunnan) is adept at the use of different materials and mediums in his aesthetic explorations and practices. We will present his installation work ekpameu (2019, glass, screw, 490 cm, ø 5 cm, edition of 6 + 2 AP ). The title comes from the translation of the Morse code hidden in the cries of the crickets via the translation software. The artist then burns the code into a string of red glass codes. Besides, we will also present his photography work Love (2018, c-print, frame, print: 110 × 80 cm, frame: 123 × 93 cm, edition of 6 + 2 AP).

麦勒画廊@2021北京当代艺术博览会 | 3号馆3.4展位  麦勒画廊 麦勒画廊 北京 艺术 博览会 展位 贵宾 VIP Preview Wed 公众 崇真艺客

李钢,《ekpameu》,2019,玻璃,金属固定件,全长490 cm,玻璃直径5 cm,6版 + 2 AP

Li Gang, ekpameu, 2019, glass, screw, 490 cm, ø 5 cm, edition of 6 + 2 AP

麦勒画廊@2021北京当代艺术博览会 | 3号馆3.4展位  麦勒画廊 麦勒画廊 北京 艺术 博览会 展位 贵宾 VIP Preview Wed 公众 崇真艺客


Li Gang, ekpameu, detail

邱世华(1940年生于四川)的消色画如同一道道内心风景,有无相生,在可见与不可见,物质景象与身体感知之间距离逐渐缩短的 过程中,湖泊、松林、山峰、峦坡跃然布上,无限的可能性出现在视觉局限被超越之处。

Qiu Shihua’s (b. 1940, Sichuan) paintings are like a series of inner landscapes of the mind, where substance and emptiness give rise to one another. As the distance between visible and invisible, material vision and bodily perception begins to recede, lakes, pine forests, mountain peaks and winding ridges leap upon the canvas, and infinite possibilities emerge just beyond the limits of vision.

张雪瑞(1979年生于山西)的绘画中有两个基本元素——格子和色彩。众多格子与色彩彼此“粘合” 的单元,最终阵列出混沌空无的整体雾化的色晕。艺术家最近的创作则改变了平缓的调式,画面出现了与邻格对比度相对强烈的色块,增强了画面的动势。我们将 展出其最新创作的丙烯绘画《225 202102》(2021,布面丙烯,150 × 150 cm)以及纸上水彩《落苔》系列。《落苔》利用了水彩半 透明的特点,将一笔笔苔状图形以点阵的方式,在手工纸上平铺、延展开来。在重复落笔的过程中,凝视水色的状态,随性变化图形 的着色、干湿、叠合、留白等。“落”不仅是聚集了大量“苔点”的视觉结果,更是感知做出的瞬间选择,从意象落到纸面、从身体落到笔尖的重复体验。
There are two fundamental elements to Zhang Xuerui’s (b. 1979, Shanxi) painting—grids and colors. Different combinations of grids and colors come together in great numbers to form chaotic voids of atmospheric hues. The artist’s recent creations have dispensed with the slow progressions of past work, with strong contrasts emerging between neighboring grids, heightening the dynamic of the picture. We will present her latest acrylic painting 225 202102 (2021, acrylic on canvas, 150 × 150 cm). The painting process of Scattered Moss employs the semitransparent properties of watercolor to spread and expand mossy patterns of brushstrokes across handmade paper. During the repetitive painting process, the artist looks closely at the state of the watercolors, and changes the application of colors, water content, stacking and empty space accordingly. In terms of the painting experience, “scattering” is not just the visual outcome of the clustering of so many mossy spots, but the instantaneous choices of perception, the repeating experience of scattering from imagery to paper, from the body to the tip of the brush.

麦勒画廊@2021北京当代艺术博览会 | 3号馆3.4展位  麦勒画廊 麦勒画廊 北京 艺术 博览会 展位 贵宾 VIP Preview Wed 公众 崇真艺客

张雪瑞,《225 202102》,2021,布面丙烯,150 × 150 cm
Zhang Xuerui, 225 202102, acrylic on canvas, 150 × 150 cm

Please note the current and upcoming exhibitions at Galerie Urs Meile in Beijing and Lucerne:

麦勒画廊 北京部
Galerie Urs Meile Beijing


Xie Qi, The Summer Heat Has Been Gone For Years
till Oct. 24

麦勒画廊 卢森部
Galerie Urs Meile Lucerne

Ju Ting, When the Wind Comes

持续开放至10月29日 till Oct. 29

We look forward to your visit at our Booth 3.4 during Beijing Contemporary Art Expo or to one of our exhibitions in Beijing or Lucerne.

麦勒画廊@2021北京当代艺术博览会 | 3号馆3.4展位  麦勒画廊 麦勒画廊 北京 艺术 博览会 展位 贵宾 VIP Preview Wed 公众 崇真艺客

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