≡ 马凌画廊 香港 | 高倩彤个展“更尖锐的方式”11月27日开幕!

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≡ 马凌画廊 香港 | 高倩彤个展“更尖锐的方式”11月27日开幕! 方式 香港 马凌 画廊 高倩彤 个展 Tung Sat 展期 Duration 崇真艺客

≡ 马凌画廊 香港 | 高倩彤个展“更尖锐的方式”11月27日开幕! 方式 香港 马凌 画廊 高倩彤 个展 Tung Sat 展期 Duration 崇真艺客

新展开幕 Upcoming Exhibition


"An Acute Manner"

高倩彤 Ko Sin Tung

开幕 Opening: 
2021.11.27 (周六 Sat) 3 – 6 PM
展期 Duration: 
周二至六,上午11时 – 下午7时,公众假期除外
Tuesday to Saturday, 11 AM – 7 PM 
Closed on public holidays
仅限预约 By appointment only 
预约观展请联系 For appointments, please contact: 

+852 2810 0317

地点 Address: 
Unit B2, 12/F, Blue Box Factory Building, 25 Hing Wo Street, Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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Edouard Malingue Gallery is pleased to present “An Acute Manner”, Ko Sin Tung’s third solo exhibition with the gallery, showcasing two new site-sensitive installations created specifically for the gallery’s Tin Wan studio. Over the years, Ko has been known for exploring in depth the political dimension of social spaces and everyday experience, acutely capturing transitional moments in life. From a singular perspective that is critically detached and restrained, she represents in various forms - installation, sculpture, painting, photography and video - the procedures and means through which contemporary society disciplines human and non-human bodies.


“An Acute Manner” includes two new site-sensitive installations: the eponymous An Acute Manner, and Experimental Field. For the former, which assumes the form of a curtain, Ko employs as slats straightened barbed wires that are generally used to brutally separate public and private spaces. Hung from the ceiling of the gallery space, this electrically powered installation attempts to complicate the relationship between the spatial and the visual by constantly shifting sideways, realigning passive, defensive manoeuvres with active, aggressive threats. Experimental Field, on the other hand, is a group of low, encompassing barriers; attached to the metallic structures and rods of which are dissected plastic bottles. Incorporating in an eerie fashion everyday wares and vessels anthropomorphised to different extents, Experimental Field is the latest iteration of Ko’s moderately constructed matrix of interference-feedback, danger-safety, and destruction-creation.


The two works specifically conceived for the exhibition summons strange, non-theatrical performativity, further expanding the complex spatial narrative that the artist has developed since 2015. “An Acute Manner” corresponds directly to the permeating, conspiring nature shown in recent works such as Guardian (2019) and Temporary Storage (2019), elucidating further themes from Ko’s two solo presentations in 2019: “Adaptation”, and “Dust and trivial matters”. Departing from recent projects, the latest exhibition of “An Acute Manner” weakens the physical structures of barriers and interference, no longer regulates the spectators’ bodies and movements in ways that are overwhelming and total. Instead, it emphasises the sharp, spiky nature of metallic materials, addressing with clarity the coldness and danger of the space, hinting negatively at the notion of segregation-as-protection that the artist has vehemently questioned in her previous projects. The exhibition aims at expounding the false notion of cleanliness of the world, and representing its ever-tightening control over society. In “An Acute Manner”, Ko also further nurtures a rare yet significant element: human or non-human bodies. Be it the appearances of gloved hands from her series of videos, or the building that serves as a metaphor for skin or organs in Hard Pieces (2020) - these fragmented, concealed and sketchy bodies are crystallised into the dissected plastic bottles painted with povidone-iodine, radicalising the violent nature of caring and healing practises, in a present world that particularly emphasises contaminations, disabilities and diseases.

艺术家简介 About the artist

彩绘壁纸、修补的墙壁、家常用品的模糊影像——这些都是高倩彤(生于1987年)的创作元素,她与都市中带有亲密感的生活情境展开视觉对话,挖掘每个人独自创造出来的情境趣味。高倩彤关注“物件”所带来的影响,透过各式不同媒材,她探究私密物品在人们身上所投射的心理作用,以及个人赋予物品的特殊功能。高倩彤近距离观察城市居民,好奇却又认同他们因所珍藏物品而形塑的价值观,缓慢观察这些物件是如何反映人们的生活,又或者最起码反映了他们所期望的生活方式。高倩彤为香港新锐年轻当代艺术家,2009年获香港中文大学艺术系文学士学位,现于香港生活及工作。其作品曾在本地及国际不同地方展出,包括台中市国立台湾美术馆(2021)、北京掩体空间(2019)、香港大馆当代美术馆(2018)、曼彻斯特华人当代艺术中心(2017) 等。她曾获三亚华宇青年奖评委会特别奖(2016)、香港 Pure Art Foundation 年度资助(2013-2014)和香港艺术发展局的新苗资助计划(2014) 。

≡ 马凌画廊 香港 | 高倩彤个展“更尖锐的方式”11月27日开幕! 方式 香港 马凌 画廊 高倩彤 个展 Tung Sat 展期 Duration 崇真艺客


Image courtesy of the artist

and Edouard Malingue Gallery

Coloured-in wallpaper, patched walls, blurred images of domestic paraphernalia – these are but some of Ko Sin Tung’s (b.1987) visual dialogues with the intimate yet urban environments that persons individually create. Concerned with the impact of ‘things’, Ko Sin Tung investigates, through a myriad of mediums and materials, the psychological influences private objects project and the idiosyncratic functions they’ve been personally channeled to fulfill. She observes the city’s inhabitants, their close-quarters, and identifies with curiosity their values as dictated through the items they treasure and keep, slowly exploring how these objects mirror ways of life, or in the very least, illustrate what is expected for living. Ko Sin Tung is a highly promising, emerging young Hong Kong artist. She graduated from the Department of Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2009, and currently works and lives in Hong Kong. Her works have been exhibited locally and internationally, including at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung City (2021), The Bunker, Beijing (2019), Tai Kwun Contemporary, Hong Kong (2018) and Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Manchester (2017), amongst other locations. She was awarded the Special Jury Prize of Huayu Youth Award (2016), Pure Art Foundation Grant (2013-2014) and Project Grant (Emerging Artists Scheme) from the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (2014).


≡ 马凌画廊 香港 | 高倩彤个展“更尖锐的方式”11月27日开幕! 方式 香港 马凌 画廊 高倩彤 个展 Tung Sat 展期 Duration 崇真艺客

上海 Hong Kong
娜布其 Nabuqi

≡ 马凌画廊 香港 | 高倩彤个展“更尖锐的方式”11月27日开幕! 方式 香港 马凌 画廊 高倩彤 个展 Tung Sat 展期 Duration 崇真艺客

≡ 马凌画廊 香港 | 高倩彤个展“更尖锐的方式”11月27日开幕! 方式 香港 马凌 画廊 高倩彤 个展 Tung Sat 展期 Duration 崇真艺客

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