博览会 | Vanguard香港巴塞尔呈现廖斐个人项目|3D20展位

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博览会 | Vanguard香港巴塞尔呈现廖斐个人项目|3D20展位 崇真艺客

博览会 | Vanguard香港巴塞尔呈现廖斐个人项目|3D20展位 崇真艺客
博览会 | Vanguard香港巴塞尔呈现廖斐个人项目|3D20展位 崇真艺客

Vanguard 画廊将于 2023 巴塞尔艺术展香港展会 3D20 展位呈现廖斐个人项目,将展出一系列全新创作的雕塑作品及代表性的纸本创作,通过对各类具体之物的抽象推演使得物的某些无法直观的属性得以显现。

Vanguard Gallery is delighted to participate in Art Basel Hong Kong 2023, at booth 3D20, with a solo presentation of Liao Fei’s recent bodies of works, including a new series of sculptures and his signature paper-based works. This latest project will revolve around the artist's signature research on everyday materials that could be interpreted as portals into the world of metaphysics.

博览会 | Vanguard香港巴塞尔呈现廖斐个人项目|3D20展位 崇真艺客

手征空间 24

Chiral Extent 24

铝合金 Aluminium|33×36×33cm|2022

项目由三个独立但相互关联的部分组成。作为艺术家最新的雕塑系列,“手征空间”(2021年-)通过一系列形式实验,在精神与科学领域的交集处探索人类手势的观念意义。在佛教造像中,各异的手的姿态被称作“手印”,用来象征特定的教义或理念,或在宗教仪式中起到某种形而上的作用。手也被应用于探索现代科学,比如以自旋或者螺旋度描述的粒子的“手征性”。无论在意识领域还是在微观世界,手都促进了人类对远超自身维度的存在的理解。廖斐因此以“手征性”为契机,借鉴物质在微观世界中构成的规则做出空间推演,以探索 “手”作为日常材料在抽象状态下的指向性。

The project consists of three distinct but intertwined parts. ‘Chiral Extent’ (2021-), the artist’s newly premiered sculpture series, is a formal experiment inspired by gestural communication both in the spiritual realm and among scientific research: in Buddhist art and practice, a variety of hand gestures termed 'mudra' are employed to convey specific ritual connotations; while in modern science, handedness, denominated as 'chirality', defines an asymmetrical object which cannot be superimposed onto its mirror image. In either case, the use of hands has facilitated human conception of existences far beyond cognition. Liao Fei demonstrates his conceptual principle by showcasing variations of hand constructions following a deductive sequence, unveiling metaphysical temperament contained in everyday materials.

博览会 | Vanguard香港巴塞尔呈现廖斐个人项目|3D20展位 崇真艺客

局部被遮蔽的圆 3

Partially Obscured Circles 3


Matte silver cardstock, paint pen coloring|250×143cm|2022


The intersection of spiritual ideas and everyday life continues in 'Intersection' (2021-). Works in this series extract overlapped areas of Chinese characters in set phrases, such as 'yīn guǒ' ('karma') or 'tài kōng' ('akasa'), which derived from the Buddhist lexicon and has become common expressions in sinophonic cultures. Along with this series are origami pieces titled 'Partially Obscured Circles' (2021-), where 9 identical square sheets of paper with silver acrylic circles are folded and rotated according to microscopic combination rules. Through the dimension-transforming folding process, an abstract pattern becomes apparent, suggesting a divine revelation. Liao manages to manifest intricate shapes out of mere geometric elements which resembles inexplicable or spiritual relics found on various religious sites.

博览会 | Vanguard香港巴塞尔呈现廖斐个人项目|3D20展位 崇真艺客


Intersection (tài kōng/yīn guǒ)

PVC 板、记号笔

PVC board, marker



This recent series of works showcases Liao Fei's latest investigation on Buddhist objects and rituals. His works continue with his long-term practice based on the substance of material, informed by various schools of scientific and mathematical thinking that intend to overcome subjectivity and relativity. Words, geometric shapes, and religious rituals, as ordinary and concrete as they might seem, are proof of the human being’s never-ending effort in envisaging a world beyond the horizon or within ourselves.

博览会 | Vanguard香港巴塞尔呈现廖斐个人项目|3D20展位 崇真艺客


Liao Fei

廖斐在他的创作中探究物质材料之中的关系与张力—— 在现实与几何之间,认知与神秘主义之间,二元性与简单 化之间。廖斐的创作始终以“物质”为线索展开,并对规则及由规则产生的“真相”予以警觉,期望以实践的方式更接 近事物本身。在将注意力引向与这些关系相关的较为宏观 的理念的同时,他的作品同时揭示出日常材料中蕴含的形而上的气质。依托廖斐作品提供的多重视角,物平常难以被观测或被习惯忽略的形态铺陈开来,为理解人认知的构建及运作供予全新思路。

廖斐1981 年生于江西省景德镇,2006 年毕业于上海师范大学,现工作、生活于上海。他的近期个展包括:巴塞尔香港艺术博览会 Vanguard 展位个人项目,香港,中国(2023年);“外在”,花厅计划,上海,中国(2021年—2022年);“这一切是随机发生的吗?”,OCAT上海馆,中国(2021年);“广延”,Vanguard 画廊 X 零时艺术中心,上海,中国(2018 年);“平坦”,上海玻璃博物馆,上海,中国(2016 年);“视角”,YveYang 画廊,波士顿,美国(2016 年);“赤道”,Vanguard 画廊,上海,中国(2016 年)。同时参加了以下群展:“爱在身边”,浦东碧云美术馆,上海,中国(2022年—2023年);“缓存在:第四届杭州纤维艺术三年展”,浙江美术馆,杭州,中国(2022年);“仓库总动员·第八回——动起来吧!”,Vanguard画廊,上海,中国(2022年);“沉静的响雷”,尤伦斯当代艺术中心,北京,中国(2021年);“继续/不继续的传统: 中国影像艺术”,Salamanca艺术中心,塔斯马尼亚,澳大利亚(2021年);“C”,油罐艺术中心,上海,中国(2020 年);“退火”,玻璃博物馆,上海,中国(2020 年);“于显现或隐匿之中”,巴塞罗那当代艺术博物馆,巴塞罗那,西班牙(2018 年);“植物学”,釜山市立美术馆,韩国(2018 年);“疆域:地缘的拓扑”,OCAT 研究中心,北京,中国(2018 年);“室内宇宙”:2017 华宇青年奖入围艺术家群展,华宇艺术中心,三亚,中国(2017 年);“例外状态:中国境况与艺术考察 2017”,尤伦斯当代艺术中心,北京,中国(2017 年);“第11 届上海双年展“何不再问:正辩,反辩,故事”,上海当代艺术博物馆,中国(2016 年-2017 年)。

Liao Fei explores the relationship and tension in materials in his works – between reality and geometry, between cognition and mysticism, between duality and simplification. Following the kernel of "material", the creation of Liao Fei has always been alert to the rule itself and its consequent "truth", aspiring to approximate the essence of the material in a more practical approach. While drawing attention to the broader concepts related to these relationships, his works also reveal the metaphysical temperament contained in everyday materials. Consequent to Liao Fei's multifaceted lens, material forms that are generally imperceptible or habitually disregarded manage to gain visibility, providing thus stage for original insight of human cognitive construction and operation.

Liao Fei was born in Jiangxi in 1981. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University in 2006. He is now based in Shanghai. His recent solo exhibitions include: Art Basel Hong Kong solo project at Vanguard booth, Hong Kong, China (2023); “Depiction”, The Cloister Project, Shanghai, China (2021—2022); “Is everything a contingent occurence”, OCAT Shanghai, China (2021); “Res Extensa”, Vanguard Gallery X O Art Center, Shanghai, China (2018); “Plain”, Shanghai Museum of Glass, Shanghai, China (2016); “Perspective”, YveYang Gallery, Boston, USA (2016); “The Equater”, Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China (2016). He also participated in the following group exhibitions: "A Journey of Love and Memory",Being Art Museum, Shanghai, China (2022—2023); "Being Theoria: 4th Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art", Zhejiang Art Muesuem, Zhejiang, China (2022); "Warehouse Story VIII — On Your Mark!", Vanguard Gallery, Shanghai, China (2022); “Silent Thunder”, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China (2021); “Dis-/Continuing Traditions: Contemporary Video Art from China”, Salamanca Arts Centre, Stamania, Australia (2021); “The C”, Tank Shanghai, Shanghai, China (2020); “ANNEALING”, Shanghai Museum of Glass, China (2020); “In the Open or in Stealth—The Unruly Presence of an Intimate Future”, MACBA Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain (2018); “Botanic Project, Busan Museum of Art”, Busan, Korea (2018); “Frontier:Re-assessment of Post-Globlisational Politics”, OCAT Institute, Beijing, China (2018); “The 5th Huayu Youth Award”, Huayu Art Center, Sanya, China (2017); “Today’s Yesterday—Anren Biennial”, OCAT, Chengdu, China (2017); “The New Normal: China, Art, and 2017”, UCCA, Beijing, China (2017); “Why Not Ask Again: Arguments, Counter-arguments, and Stories”, The 11th Shanghai Biennale, Power Station of Art, China (2016–2017).


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博览会 | Vanguard香港巴塞尔呈现廖斐个人项目|3D20展位 崇真艺客

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