Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film

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Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film 崇真艺客

Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film 崇真艺客


Private View (by invitation only)
2023.3.21   12:00-20:00
2023.3.22   12:00-17:00
2023.3.23-24   12:00-14:00
2023.3.25   11:00-12:00

2023.3.22   17:00-21:00

Public Days
2023.3.23-24   14:00-20:00
2023.3.25   12:00-18:00

Live from 2023.3.14  14:00

Galleries: Booth 3C18B
Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Harbour Road, Hong Kong

Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre
2 Harbour Road, Hong Kong‍‍

MadeIn Gallery is pleased to present a duo exhibition “Long Now” at the “Galleries” sector of Art Basel Hong Kong 2023, featuring paintings and sculpture by artists Lu Pingyuan and Wang JianweiThe two artists attempt to incorporate new understandings of humanity, consciousness, and the human condition in a digital age into visual representations. By reinventing the postwar painting conventions, they reconstruct the subjectivity as the true avant-garde within the global culture and utilize such subjectivity in their creative practice. This constitutes a cultural enterprise, not merely a change confined in contemporary art circles.

“Now” is never just a moment. “Long Now” recognizes that the exact moment we are in is a fruit of the past and seed of the future. The longer we feel in the present, the more it contains of the past and the future. Ironically, just when humanity is at the pinnacle of its technological power and capable of creating massive global changes that will reverberate for centuries, the focus of the majority of our social systems, art included, seems to be geared toward an increasingly short present with a negligence for the real long-term issues.

“Long Now” seeks to ingeniously connect the two beliefs on contemporary art practice. The first is that human nature can never rid itself of primitive instincts; the second lies in the transcendence of calculation. Both opinions weigh heavily in the artistic deliberations of MadeIn Gallery. When the artists put the theory into practice, they generate an interaction between those conceptual categories and the real, complex human beings, along with their avatars in the current digital culture. A truly dynamic vitality is thereby embodied, one that resists the infectious promulgation of artificial intelligence in society with too much regard for survival and too little for an exhilarating future of humanity.

 Selected Works | GALLERIES 3C18B 

Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film 崇真艺客

Lu Pingyuan, “Look! I’m Picasso!”-2301-1, 2023, Oil and acrylic on canvas, 190 x 226 cm

Lu Pingyuan’s signature series “Look! I’m Picasso!” testifies to his efforts at merging pop culture and high art, transience and monumentality. Inspired by Toy Story, the first feature-length computer-animated film produced by Pixar in 1995, the artist has conceived a series of cubist paintings and sculptures in the style of Picasso and incorporated elements inspired from the facial props of Mr. Potato Head.

Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film 崇真艺客

Lu Pingyuan, Witch’s Diary-5.9/5.10/5.11/5.12/5.13/5.14/5.15/2022, 2022, Resin, paint, stainless steel, each 24 x 40 cm, with acrylic case 41 x 59 x 9 cm

Lus latest set of reliefs “Witch’s Diary” is another testament to the wide span of media he works in and inspiration he draws from. Borrowing the perspective of the witch in the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”, Lu creates his – simultaneously the witch’s – diaries in the form of cookie reliefs made of polymer clay. In this process, the artist congeals imagination through a process much similar to that of food making. This is an attempt to blur the boundaries between work and life, cooking and craftsmanship, cookies and reliefs, imagination and reality.

Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film 崇真艺客

Wang Jianwei, Treading in Sludge No.19, 2023, Oil on canvas, 145.5 x 112 cm

During artist Wang Jianwei’s career spanning almost four decades, he has been pushing forward the evolution of ways of viewing with an interdisciplinary perspective and methodology, while exploring the boundaries of established knowledge in different media. Now, he expands his scope of concern from the symbiosis of humans and non-humans to an inquiry of the deep time and the Anthropocene. The title of his latest series “Treading in Sludge” works as a metaphor of seeking refuge. Cells have taken refuge in anaerobic bacteria in sludge to survive the excess of oxygen on earth. In a similar sense, human beings have been and are still living in sludge today in a psychological, social, political, and ecological sense. We need to keep surviving in it and embrace the chaos.

Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film 崇真艺客

Wang Jianwei, Treading in Sludge No.7, 2022, Wood, fluorocarbon paint, 58 (H) x 36 x 30 cm

Informed by Lynn Margulis’ endosymbiotic theory and Graham Harman’s Object-Oriented Ontology, Wang’s painting and sculpture can be defined as an object of experimentin constant evolution within the framework of the Anthropocene, whose task is to embody, in an aesthetic form, the authenticity that cannot be reached by way of knowledge.


Curated by multi-media artist and film producer Li Zhenhua, Art Basel’s Film Program will feature eight screenings and 29 video works by artists across the globe with free public admission. Among those selected for screening are video works by MadeIn Gallery artists Shen XinPayne Zhu, and Zheng Yuan.

Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film 崇真艺客

Video still, Shen Xin, Records of Rites, 2014, Single-channel digital video with color and sound, 16'14"‍‍‍‍

In Shen Xin’s essayistic film Records of Rites, the proposal from Chinese billionaire Ni Zhaoxing to rebuild Crystal Palace in London becomes the starting point for the artist to venture into narratives in which differences are established in order to be claimed in a historical, personal, and common context. 

Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film 崇真艺客

Video still, Payne Zhu, Pre-match2022, Single-channel B&W HD video with sound10'37"

Pre-match is an attempt to interrogate how Shanghai came to be. It unfolds along multiple threads, among which is a chronicle of the competing tributaries of Lake Tai, featured alongside an inquiry into monetary policies seen as the modern replacement of hydraulic engineering as a tool for social governance. 

The two films above will be screened as part of “Film | Being Human” at 8pm - 9:15pm, March 23, 2023. Learn more and RSVP here:

Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film 崇真艺客

Video still, Zheng Yuan, Game, 2017Single-channel HD video with color and sound, 17'01"

The thrust of Game is the deconstruction of presentation and observation in different media, and displayed in nonlinear narratives: from the comparison between images photographed by cameras and computer-generated images to the track of camera positions in live sports on television, and then emulation of human eyes in first-person shooter games. The work intends to, by comparing these borrowed heterogeneous images with montage, unroll the mechanism, iteration, and recurrence behind, as well as the position and corresponding perspectives of observers. 

Game will be screened as part of “Film | Game Ethics” at 3pm - 3:30pm, March 24, 2023. Learn more and RSVP here:

 About MadeIn Gallery 

MadeIn Gallery was established in 2014 in Shanghai by the contemporary art creation and curating platform MadeIn Company, a corporation founded by international influential artist Xu Zhen.

MadeIn Gallery is dedicated to the promotion of outstanding artists and projects, spurring the development of contemporary culture and international exchanges. Since its creation, the gallery has organized numerous curated, high-quality solo and group exhibitions of both emerging and established artists, becoming a unique and important art platform. MadeIn Gallery excels in discovering and accompanying young talented artists in their career,  as well as actively participating among international dialogues, in the Chinese and international contemporary art scene.

Representing artists: Cai Jian, Chen Ying, Ding Li, Feng Zhixuan, Fu Site, He An, Li Hanwei, Liu Chengrui, Lu Pingyuan, Miao Ying, Mo Shaolong, Payne Zhu, Shang Liang, Shen Xin, Su Yu-Xin, Wang Jianwei, Wang Sishun, Wang Ziquan, XU ZHEN®, Yang Yang, YOYO, Zheng Yuan, Zhou Zixi.

Collaborating artists: Bian Yunxiang, Chen Leng, Elliot Dodd, Fang Yang, Ge Hui, Liu Wa, Lang Gang'ao, Lu Boyu, Pu Yingwei, Shanliang, Slime Engine, Song Kun, Xia Cheng'an, Xia Yunfei, Yang Shen, Zhang Lian, Evian Wenyi Zhang, Zhong Wei.


周二至周日 10:00 - 18:00 (周一闭馆)

No.1, -1F Sunken Garden, Lane 9 Qufu Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 18:00 (Monday Closed)

Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film 崇真艺客

Art Basel HK 2023 | MadeIn Gallery | Booth 3C18B & Film 崇真艺客

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