周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》

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周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

| 俯身观水·Solace Upon Water 

艺术家 Artist
杨乙嘉 Yijia Yang
展览时间 Exhibition Duration
2023.08.12 - 2023.09.17

开幕时间 Opening Reception
2023.08.12 (周六 Sat)

地址 Address
No.888ChangleRd, 1F, Jing'an Dist, Shanghai

- 关于展览 About the Exhibition -

——《序曲 Vol.4》,威廉.华滋沃斯,1850
As one who hangs down-bending from the side of a slow-moving boat, upon the breast of a still water, solacing himself with such discoveries as his eye can make beneath him in the bottom of the deep, sees many beauteous sights-weeds, fishes, flowers, grots, pebbles, roots of trees, and fancies more. Yet often is perplexed, and cannot part the shadow from the substance, rocks and sky, mountains and clouds, reflected in the depth of the clear flood, from things which there abide in their true dwelling. 

—— Prelude Vol.4, William Wordsworth, 1850

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

杨乙嘉 Yijia Yang
春游 Spring Picnic
布面油画 Oil on canvas
160(h) x 210(w)cm, 2023
本次展览题目“俯身观水”取自英国浪漫主义诗人威廉.华滋沃斯的长诗。让人不禁好奇,当你无限贴近水面时,会看到什么样的景色?是作为物质的水,是自己的倒影,还是水底未知的漩涡。“清新透亮的水是一片倒置的天,在这天上,星辰获得了新生命。”[1] 水面是梦的连接点,而绘画是可见世界的倒影。杨乙嘉常以与身体等高的画布尺幅创作,尝试将自身与观者“推入”一个绘画创造的感知空间。
杨乙嘉对自然的描绘方式并非自然主义式的。在过去五年的实践中,她逐渐摒弃相片可重现的风景作为绘画对象,而尝试捕捉身处自然中体验到的稍纵即逝但豁然显露的美——几朵云被风吹散,阳光洒在森林里点亮了一片树叶的瞬间——“这种体验来自触觉,即触摸到风、水、土地时感受到的快乐。[2] 尽管作品灵感大多源于艺术家现实中的旅行经验,但画布上的景色不指向特定的某一处,她希望通过颜色、线条、形状、笔触的共振带来绘画仅有的能量转换,令画布的内在空间成为风景自身的生成之地。
[1] 加斯东.巴什拉(1942),《水与梦—论物质的想象》,顾嘉琛 译,河南大学出版社,2017
[2] 段义孚(1974),《恋地情结—环境感知、态度与价值观的研究》,志丞 刘苏 译,商务印书馆,2018

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

杨乙嘉 Yijia Yang
俯身观水 Solace Upon Water
布面油画 Oil on canvas
130(h) x 160(w)cm, 2023
After cooperating with two exhibitions (There in 2020 and Half-open Door in 2022), Studio Gallery is honored to present artist Yijia Yang's first solo exhibition Solace Upon Water, showcasing paintings realized in the past three years. The show will be on view from August 12 to September 17, 2023. 
Yijia Yang  was born in Zhejiang in 1992 and returned to Shanghai in 2018 after studying in the UK. While addressing serial questions around the boundary of painting, she uses dreams and landscape perception from traveling experiences as the inspiration. Her variations in the use of materials and brushstrokes seek a poetic space on the canvas between the reality of dreaminess.

The show's title Solace Upon Water, comes from British Romantic poet William Wordsworth. What kind of view will you see when you are infinitely close to the water? Is it water as matter, your reflection, or an unknown underwater vortex. The fresh and clear water is an inverted sky, in which the stars gained new life.[1] Water's surface is a junction point of dreams, while painting reflects the real world. Yijia Yang creates canvases to the height of her body, trying to 'push' herself and spectators into a perceptual space constructed by the painting. 

Yijia Yang's depiction of nature is not naturalistic. In the last five years of practice, she gradually discards photographic reproduction of landscape as painting subject, instead, she attempts to capture the fleeting but suddenly enlightened beauty of being in the nature itself-the moment when clouds are dazed by wind, a gleam of sunlight illuminates a tiny leaf-The happiness comes from the haptic experience of touching the wind, water and land.[2] Although a majority of the works originated from artist's traveling experience, the landscape she paints does direct to a certain place, she hopes the oscillation of colours, lines, forms and brushstrokes will bring up the painting's energy transcendence, enabling the internal space of a canvas turns into a place where landscape generates itself. 
[1] Gaston Bachelard, L'Eau et les Rêves: Essai sur l'imagination de la matière, CORTI, 1942
[2] Yi-Fu Tuan, Topophilia: Study of Environmental Perception, Attitudes and Values, Prentice-Hall Inc., 1974

 - 关于艺术家 About the Artist -

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客


Yang Yijia

Yijia Yang is a visual artist based in Shanghai. She holds a MFA Degree from Slade School of Fine Art at University College London, and a BA degree from Chelsea College of Arts and Design. Her practice expanded from painting to installation and media works. While addressing serial questions around the boundary of painting, she uses dreams and landscape perception from traveling experiences as the inspiration. Her variations in the use of materials and brushstrokes seek for a poetic space on the canvas between the reality of dreaminess.

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2023 Solace Upon Water Solo exhibition@StudioGallery, Shanghai

2023 A Studio of Her Own Group show@Duoyun Book Store.GuangFulin, Shanghai

2022 Narcolepsy Group show@O2art Space, Beijing

2022 Half- open Door Group show@Studio Gallery, Shanghai

2021 Glow No.3 Personal project@A4 Artist Residence Centre, Chengdu

2020 Girls’Gaze Group show@Pearlona Common Room, Shanghai

2020 There Group show@Studio Gallery, Shanghai

2020 Superdry Group Show@Meichu Studio, Shanghai

2020 How Many Hours Do I Have to Wait/Waste Till the Sunset Tomorrow?Group Exhibition@Xinqiao Art Complex, Shanghai

2019 ASYAAF 2019 Group Show@Gallery LVS, Seoul

2018 New Horizons-Young Talents Exhibition Group Show@Coast Gallery, Shenzhen

2017 24hr Marathron Gallery Group Show@Flip Pop Gallery, Shanghai

2017 Future Echoes Group Show@Refugee’s Museum, Thessaloniki

2017 Ge:Build Group Show@5th Base Gallery, London

2017 Faith Group Show@Austin Forum, London

2017 Progress: Regress Group Show@Crypt Gallery, London

2016 Let the Dust Settle Group Show@Crypt Gallery, London

2015 White Spirits Group Show@Safe House 1, London

2014 Wanderer Group Show on venue (London, Cambridge, Brighton) 

2014 My Conversation with Ki San Solo Show@Gallery 17, Kyoto Seika University, Kyoto

 - 展览预约 - 

  - Exhibition Reservation 



For better experience, please make a reservation online before visit.

The exhibition will be opened to the public from August 13th

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

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周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客


自成立以来,工作室画廊除了举办专业性的展览,还发起了多个话题性的艺术项目:基于艺术家工作过程记录的《艺术家讨论》;基于艺术家驻留工作汇报的《OpenStudio》;基于艺术家创作交流以及评论的《艺术现场》和《Critique Room》。

As the first gallery in Shanghai to provide international artist residency, Studio Gallery was established in early 2016. Since then, we have continued to support the wide-ranging potential of emerging and new talents, complemented by innovative activities to nourish and enrich the local artistic environment.

The gallery operates two physical spaces. The gallery space locates in the heart of downtown Shanghai, continuously organizing topical exhibitions. While the studio space serves as the academic engine of the gallery space to explore and transform the value generated from artists’ practice into consensus.

With a bold and cutting-edge designed gallery space, we aim to create an inspirational dialogue with the audience through diverse public programs, including topical exhibitions, Artist Talk, Critique Room, etc.

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客
周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

STUDIO GALLERY 工作室画廊_画廊空间     

 No.888 Changle Rd,1st Floor, Jing'an Dist, Shanghai

周二至周日,10:30 -18:00                               

Tue-Sun  (Closed on Mon) ,10:30 am-18:00 pm

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客
周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

STUDIO GALLERY 工作室画廊_工作室空间

RM.101, NO.58, Lane350 JiangZhi Rd, Minhang Dist, Shanghai

周二至周日,13:00 -18:00 (需提前预约)         

 Tue-Sun  13:00 -18:00  ( visit by appointment)

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

周六开幕 | 杨乙嘉《俯身观水》 崇真艺客

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