EGG画廊【UPCOMING】"Graphic Poems" Group Exhibition

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EGG画廊【UPCOMING】Graphic Poems Group Exhibition 崇真艺客


Opening Ceremony: 2023.8.26 16:00

  Tue-Sun  10:00-18:00

Location: No.327, Caochangdi, EGG Gallery


EGG Gallery is pleased to announce that artists Geng Yini, Jin Yu, Wu Danbo, and Xu Shuai's group exhibition "Graphic Poems" will be presented from August 26 to October 8, 2023.

Graphic Poems

Graphic Narratives of the Young Generation Artists

Text: Han Bing

In the creative practices of a new generation of young artists, image creation and narrativeness are dominating the visual appearance. Graphic poetry "is a special form of poetry in which words or lines are arranged in a specific shape or pattern to enhance the meaning and expression through visual presentation. In response to the artist's creative style, it’s vital to arrange graphics, concepts, and meanings, so that unfolding new creativity and attracting new audience by storytelling.
I. Graphics
As a visual element in a multimedia system, what distinguishes a graphic from an image is that it has a defined positive outline, what appears in the artist's work is displayed in front of the audience in a clear form, while showing the intuitive and subjective creation. The image is another mode with the enlargement, which gradually becomes blurred under such "image quality" in a vague and uncertain idea. The results seem to be engaged in the path of medium and abstraction.
Wu Danbo's paintings are screenshots and overlapping of various outlines who finds the most touching image from religious mythology, then uses a cartographer's accuracy to unravel and copy the outline into his own image, so that depicting the reconstruction, reversal, and distortion of the graphics, thus corresponding to the artist's exploration of the mystery and the unknown. His paintings often have a mysterious shape that fits into an unusual time and space, since graphics are no longer an enhancement of the everyday life experience given by photographs, but rather in a dreamy space, with playful and simple shapes. The subconscious mind and dreams are also sources of inspiration for surrealist artists, since graphics are still attached to real scenes in their works, while his works may reveal “an extraordinary collection in reality” or unconscious graphics.
2. Narrative
As for the narrative that can be separated from the image, even the deduction of geometry and mathematical logic still requires the use of simplified graphics. When narrative appears in a work, we need to further observe the role assigns to the figure, and whether itself represents the artist's personal traces. From the perspective of the audience, narrative can easily bring the viewer into the artist's personal context.
From the collection of everyday images, it can be seen that the artist Geng Yini is sensitive to graphics. The superposition of graphics and images with invisible meanings also forms a basic element in his images. Suggestive shapes, randomly combined with images may create a new narrative, and the artist is looking forward to “throwing them together to produce thereaction.” Hesitation about the narrative also ferments in this combination by creating a new relationship — “I have to admit that my paintings themselves are quite narrative. For a long time, I tried to make the painting simple with less narrative; but it always exists without my rejection.”
Graphic narrative is built on the artist's' past experience ', and new experiences are always associated with the memory traces of various shapes that have been perceived in the past. In the graphics created by each of the four young artists, you can understand the“relationship of experience,” explore the artist's self-expression of the social environment and inner world between their complicated, mysterious, or straightforward narrative relationships.


EGG画廊【UPCOMING】Graphic Poems Group Exhibition 崇真艺客

Geng Yini <Reward 2>  140x160cm Oil on Canvas 2016

EGG画廊【UPCOMING】Graphic Poems Group Exhibition 崇真艺客

Jin Yu <Transformation Practice-The WorldCeramics 2023

EGG画廊【UPCOMING】Graphic Poems Group Exhibition 崇真艺客

Wu Danbo <Olufi's Requiem100x80cm Acrylic on Canvas 2023

EGG画廊【UPCOMING】Graphic Poems Group Exhibition 崇真艺客

Shuai Xu <OJ 287> 120x90cm Oil on Canvas 2023

 About Artist


EGG画廊【UPCOMING】Graphic Poems Group Exhibition 崇真艺客

Geng Yini: Born in 1982 in Shenyang, China, Geng Yini is a professional artist who graduated from the Luxun Academy of Fine Arts. Geng’s gooey paintings with their manifold surfaces and schizophrenic narratives are a testimony to our interactive computer lives where we simultaneously dance between multiple windows, looking and covering, pointing at past and future. What the total sum of ingredients in her uncanny works may mean is not the point; it is the lighthearted celebration of unbridled plurality that gives Geng’s work its edge.

EGG画廊【UPCOMING】Graphic Poems Group Exhibition 崇真艺客

Jin Yu (Renee Jin): She is an interdisciplinary researcher and multi-media artist currently enrolled in the doctoral program at the Visual & Cultural Studies program at the University of Rochester. Her research and creative endeavors are situated at the intersection of several fields, including contemporary art, visual anthropology, anthropology of art, Asian studies, and critical pedagogy.

EGG画廊【UPCOMING】Graphic Poems Group Exhibition 崇真艺客

Wu Danbo: Born in 1983, Wu Danbo is a Chinese artist from Hunan province, currently residing in Chongqing. His works are imbued with numerous mythical elements and employ a bodily and intuitive approach to understanding specific memories. Fragmented in nature, his works serve as glimpses into the awakening of instinct and spiritual forms. His artwork has been collected by private institutions such as the He Art Museum, Huawei, and other art galleries.

EGG画廊【UPCOMING】Graphic Poems Group Exhibition 崇真艺客

Shuai Xu:Born in China, 1995. His works focus on the invisible world, and a lot of inspiration comes from his dreams. He interested in humanity's relationship to the cosmos, particularly as it plays out here on Earth, in the relationship between individuals and nature.

EGG画廊【UPCOMING】Graphic Poems Group Exhibition 崇真艺客

EGG Gallery has been founded since 2008. It enjoys a strong international background, and focuses on studying and exploring Chinese contemporary art. Interms of choosing artists and art-works, EGG Gallery emphasizes artists’personal qualities, as well as their works’ academic strengths and characteristics.Every year, EGG Gallery participates in 3-4 art fairs, either abroad or inChina, and organizes at least 6 solo or group exhibitions. In this way, EGG Gallery manages to exhibit high quality art works, and shape its unique aesthetic perspective.

EGG画廊【UPCOMING】Graphic Poems Group Exhibition 崇真艺客

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Venue: No. 327, Cao Chang Di,Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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