户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场

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户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

 West Bund Art & Design 2023 
展位 B319


贵宾预览VIP Preview

11.09 周四 Thu. 13:00 - 19:00

11.10 周五 Fri. 12:00 - 13:00‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

公众日Public Hours

11.10 周五 Fri. 13:00 - 18:00‍‍

11.11 周六 Sat. 12:00 - 18:00

11.12 周日 Sun. 12:00 - 18:00




West Bund Art Center Hall B‍‍‍‍

No. 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District


薇薇安·卡库里 Vivian Caccuri

陈丹笛子 Chen Dandizi

拉斐尔·多梅内克 Rafael Domenech

范尼·吉奎尔 Fanny Gicquel

多萝西娅·里斯-汉姆 Dorothea Reese-Heim

托马斯·吴 Tomas Vu

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

展位现场 Booth views
B319 @西岸艺术与设计博览会, 2023



At the West Bund Art & Design 2023, Hua International is honored to present the works of six artists, under the theme of "In Between", the booth presents the artistic search between the strong and the soft, and between the human and the natural world.

Vivian Caccuri's sound practice permeates her graphic weaving works, triggering the dual rhythm of artificiality and nature; Dandizi Chen's new work, juxtaposed with her old ones, recalls the imagining of the wild land in the South; Rafael Domenech folds the cityscape into books and light installations, and reenacts the openness and restriction of the society in between the opening and closing; Fanny Gicquel's subtle perceptions continue to evolve in her new works through the natural elements of water, stone, and waves; Dorothea Reese-Heim seals books in paraffin to immortalize memories; and Tomas Vu's multi-media collage constructs a complex human condition on paper.

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

Vivian Caccuri 薇薇安-卡库里

卡亚波塔, 2019


80 x 100 cm

薇薇安·卡库里(1986 年生于巴西)在里约热内卢生活和工作。专注于开发装置、声音作品、行为,绘画和刺绣,研究声音如何迷惑日常经验并激发新的生活形式。她的艺术实践探索声音与文化之间的关系,力求突出声音活跃但未被充分认识的一面。艺术家于2007年获得美术学士学位,参加过巴西和国际上多个重要机构展览,如圣保罗双年展(2016 年)、高知双年展(2018 年)、威尼斯双年展(2019 年)和纽约新美术馆的春之影(2022 年)等。她曾获得 Rumos Itaú Cultural 奖(2008年)、Sergio Motta 艺术与技术奖(2011年),入围未来一代艺术奖 (Future Generation Art Prize)(2017年)并入围 PIPA 奖(2018年)的决赛。

Vivian Caccuri (b.1986 Brazil) lives and works in Rio de Janeiro. Vivian Caccuri has been developing installations, sound works, performances, drawings, and embroideries investigating how sound can disorient everyday experiences and inspire new forms of living. Exploring the relationship between sound and culture, Caccuri’s artistic practice seeks to highlight active yet under-recognized aspects of sound. Graduated in Fine Arts in 2007, Vivian Caccuri has participated in several exhibitions in Brazil and abroad, among which stand out: São Paulo Biennial (2016), Kochi Biennial (2018), Venice Biennial (2019), and Shadow of Spring at New Museum, New York. The artist was a winner of the awards: Rumos Itaú Cultural, in 2008; in 2011, Sergio Motta Art and Technology Award; she was nominated for the Future Generation Art Prize in 2017 and a finalist for the PIPA Award, in 2018.

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客
Chen Dandizi 陈丹笛子

南方, 2016


36 x 24 x 8 cm

陈丹笛子 (生于1990年) 现在生活工作在杭州。2015年毕业于广州美术学院油画系。陈丹笛子的作品具有媒介共生的特点。她对录像、装置、摄影和文学的 运用构成了所需的组成部分,以照亮亲密的、短暂的瞬间和人类的情感。她的作品探索了与自然和人工世界中反复出现的现象相遇的感知和体验。她探索的主题包括人类情感的异化,被异化的个体的希望和绝望, 以及对自然和想象中的景观的观察。陈丹笛子艺术探索的主题包括自我认识和对生活环境的观察,揭示独特的时刻和情感之间隐藏的关系是她创作过程的核心。2020年入围了第八届华宇青年奖。  

Chen Dandizi (b.1990) lives and works in Hangzhou. She graduated from the oil painting department of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 2015. Dandizi's works are characterized by a symbiosis of media: Her use of video, installation, photography, and literature form integral parts required to illuminate intimate, short-lived moments in time, and human emotion. Her works explore the perception and experience of encounters with reoccurring phenomena of the natural and artificial world. Dandizi's art explores central themes such as self-knowledge and observation of her lived environment. Revealing the fleeting nature of hidden connections between a unique moment and emotion is at the heart of her creative process. Finalist in the ART SANYA & HUAYU Youth Award and 2021 British NET-A-PORTER Incredible Female Artist Award. 

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客
户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

Rafael Domenech 拉斐尔·多梅内克

重组的午夜, 2023




Rafael Domenech was born in 1989 in Cuba. Lives and works in New York, US. Domenech is at the forefront of a new generation of artists that is redefining the exhibition experience. He explores notions of architecture, urban design, and contemporary material productions to develop and produce different typologies of objects and spaces, such as experimental publications, pavilions, installations, and public programs. Domenech’s architectural interventions intersect publishing methodologies such as cutting, redacting, revising, and circulation as research tactics to amplify his interest in the exhibition model as an active machine for production rather than a repository space. He was the recipient of an award from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Tulsa Artist Fellowship, the Cintas Fellowship, 2021 Beijing Gallery Weekend Special Nomination Prize. 

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客
Fanny Gicquel 范尼·吉奎尔

有多远?现在有多远?, 2023



范尼·吉奎尔(1992年出生于法国雷恩),现工作生活于法国雷恩。范尼·吉奎尔的作品在装置,雕塑和行为之间游走,并开发出容纳不同元素的空间,这些元素预设了一个激活的场景。雕塑作为身体的延伸,并通过手势激活,质疑身体/ 物体、自我和他人之间的关系。通过这种方式,她的作品探索了有生命的和无生命的、空间和时间在行动中和行动后的关系。吉奎尔曾荣获 Fieldwork Marfa Hostcall 奖,德克萨斯州 (2022 年)与 通过 Frac Bretagne 和寺庙酒吧艺术空间( Temple Bar Gallery + Studios )合作进行的评选的 Prix du Frac Bretagne - Art Norac 奖。

Fanny Gicquel , Born 1992 in Rennes, France. Lives and works in Rennes, France. Fanny Gicquel’s works move between installation, sculpture, and performance and develop spaces that accommodate different elements that presuppose a scenario of activation. The sculptures act as extensions of the body and are activated through gestures that question the correlation of the body/object and the self and the other. In this way, the work explores the relationship between the animate and the inanimate, space and time during and after the actions. Gicquel was awarded the Fieldwork Marfa Hostcall Prize, Texas (2022), and the Prix du Frac Bretagne - Art Norac, through a selection process made in collaboration with Frac Bretagne and Temple Bar Gallery + Studios.

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客
Dorothea Reese-Heim

密封字体系列, 2022




Dorothea Reese-Heim (b. 1943 in Sindelfngen, Germany) lives and works in Munich, Germany. In 1964 Reese-Heim started her studies of art in Karlsruhrand and continued her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich where she received her diploma degree in 1972. She has been a professor at the University of Paderborn since 1983. In 1995, she was appointed the dean of the FB 4 of the University of Paderborn. Since 2006, Reese-Heim has served as vice dean of the faculty of cultural studies. Reese-Heim has exhibited throughout Germany and internationally and has had museum\institute shows in Germany, Denmark, and Japan. She has received numerous awards including the Verdiensorden der Bundesrepublik Deutschland.

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客Tomas Vu  托马斯·吴
平原, 2001
118.5 x 88.5 cm

托马斯·吴出生于越南西贡,现生活工作在美国纽约。托马斯·吴通过将丝网印刷,绘画和激光雕刻图像层叠在一起,创造出代表破坏,坍缩和重生周期的幻想场景。其作品的灵感和呈现主要来源于战时在越南长大的个人记忆,图像描绘了人与机器,自然和技术之间的史诗般的冲突,作品由层层开放的空间构成,模糊想象与记忆之间的界限。吴曾在世界各地展出,并在日本,意大利,中国和越南举办过个人美术馆展览,同时还担任巡游团体展览项目 DRAW 与持续性合作项目 Green Go Home 的策展人,目前已有100多位艺术家参与;吴获得过诸多奖项,包括 Joan Mitchell 基金(2001),古根海姆基金(2002), Sharpe-Walentas 工作室计划(2015),第30届卢布尔雅那图像艺术双年展(2016)最佳驻地艺术家和观众奖, Louis Comfort Tiffany 艺术家奖(2017),以及约翰迈克尔科勒艺术中心(2018)的艺术/工业驻地。

Tomas Vu was born in Saigon, Vietnam, and lives and works in New York. Tomas Vu creates fantastical scenes that represent cycles of destruction, collapse, and rebirth by layering screen printing, painting, and laser-sculpted images on top of each other. Inspired and presented primarily by personal memories of growing up in wartime Vietnam, the images depict the epic conflict between man and machine, nature and technology, and the work is composed of layers of open spaces that blur the boundaries between imagination and memory. Vu has exhibited around the world and held exhibitions in his own museums in Japan, Italy, China, and Vietnam; Vu is also the curator of Green Go Home, a touring group exhibition project called DRAW and a continuing collaboration with more than 100 artists. Vu has received numerous awards, including the Joan Mitchell Foundation (2001), The Guggenheim Foundation (2002), the Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program (2015), the 30th Ljubljana Image Art Biennale (2016) Best Resident Artist and Audience Award, Louis Comfort Tiffany Artist Award (2017), and the Art/industrial residency of the John Michael Kohler Art Center (2018).


About Hua International 

户尔空间(Hua International)是一家位于柏林与北京两地的当代艺术画廊,展览、出版和公共项目致力于跨学科及行为表演的艺术实践。画廊专注于发展与艺术家长期动态的合作关系,以其地理上的两地性为依托,扩展艺术家及其作品在迥异文化背景下的展览和接受。

以 XC.Hua 为名,经历了两年实验艺术策展项目运营积累后,花笑婵于2020年8月正式更名成立了户尔空间(Hua International),并在北京798艺术区、柏林历史悠久的当代艺术中心之一麦卡托庭院分别设立空间。在常驻两地空间之外,户尔空间也在国际知名的艺术博览会展示其艺术家作品。

Hua International is a contemporary art gallery located in Berlin and Beijing whose exhibitions, publications, and public programming supports cross-disciplinary and performative artistic practices. The gallery focuses on developing long-term relationships with its represented artists and leverages its geographic bilocation as a means to critically expand how their work can be presented and received in radically diverse cultural contexts.

After two years curating the experimental art and performance project XC.Hua, Xioachan Hua founded Hua International in August 2020 and inaugurated the new gallery with spaces in Berlin’s historic Mercator Höfe and Beijing’s acclaimed 798 Arts District.

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客
户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

户尔空间 展位 B319|2023上海西岸艺术与设计艺博会展位现场 崇真艺客

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