清影 | 群展:躺下重睡 Lie Down and Sleep Again|春眠不觉晓2024|将于3月16日开幕

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清影 | 群展:躺下重睡 Lie Down and Sleep Again|春眠不觉晓2024|将于3月16日开幕 崇真艺客
清影 | 群展:躺下重睡 Lie Down and Sleep Again|春眠不觉晓2024|将于3月16日开幕 崇真艺客


Lie Down and Sleep Again: Spring Sleep Misses Dawn 2024

开幕时间 Opening: 2024.03.16, 3pm

展览时间 Duration:  2024.03.16-04.28

地址 Location: 清影艺术空间,杭州留和路139号12栋 

Inna Art Space, Liuhe Road No.139, Building 12, Hangzhou

清影艺术空间欣然宣布将于2024年3月16日至4月28日呈现群展《躺下重睡:春眠不觉晓2024》。本次展览由清影艺术空间邀请三角洲 The Delta INST 联合发起,邀请了11位(组)艺术家共同参与,以绘画、装置、影像等媒介回应“躺下重睡”这一主题,并以此呼应“春眠不觉晓”这一年度项目。

Inna Art Space is delighted to announce the group exhibition "Lie down and sleep again: Spring sleep misses dawn 2024",to be held from March 16 to April 28, 2024. This exhibition, co-initiated by Inna Art Space and The Delta INST, invites 11 artists (groups) to participate, responding to the theme of "Lie down and sleep again" through painting, installation, video, and other means, thus echoing the annual project "Spring sleep misses dawn".

参展艺术家 Artists

陈希雅 Chen Xiya 

傅抱一 Fu Baoyi 

井二 Jing Er 

林珈亦 Lin Jiayi 

吕晓凯 Lyu Xiaokai 

李科 Li Ke 

梅菲斯托小组 Mephistofele 

盛元俊 Sheng Yuanjun 

王堉哲 Wang Yuzhe 

杨罡 Yang Gang 

庄睿哲 Zhuang Ruizhe






The theme of "Lie Down and Sleep Again" is derived from a quote from the classic character Fan Debiao in the TV series "Marshal Ma": "The best way to end sleepwalking is to lie down and sleep again, and when I wake up, a new Debiao will stand on the ground of Liaobei..."

In the play, the sleepwalking life eventually destroys Fan Debiao's real life, and in order to change this bad and irreversible situation, he chooses to eat a whole bottle of sleeping pills, lie down and go back to sleep, and "restart" his life. To a certain extent, this shows the inseparability of illusion and reality, where sleep and illusion are entangled with the spirit, just like organisms are entangled with the body. The harmonic sense of the play "Lying Down to Sleep Again" is that after De Biao wakes up from his "re-sleeping", he finds that all is really well in life, but there is nothing to prove whether it is a new reality or the next "sleepwalking", another kind of hallucination, and a new reality. But there is nothing to prove whether this is a new reality or the next "sleepwalking", another hallucination, but at least the choices he has made have had an effect.

It is interesting to note that such a set of escapist and self-negating behaviours, actions, constitute a sort of "between-the-scenes" moment for the subject himself, i.e., I am driven by my own real desires without realising it; I make the decision to deny my own reality and start again.

Springtime fatigue-sleeping-sleepwalking-laying down to re-sleep, between one scene and another. From one reality to another, or from one illusion to another. Can the artist's "sleepiness" in today's contemporary art ecosystem be regarded as a "Debussy-type" symptom? How to change this state? Perhaps the first and only thing we can do is to make individual choices, choosing to change and start over. In Capitalism and Schizophrenia: A Thousand Plateaus, it is written that "the consciousness is detached from the subject in order to form a way of exploration, and the unconscious is detached from meaning and interpretation in order to form a real production". Whether this action of "lying down to sleep" can somehow pass through the shackles of interpretation and meaning, and thus arrive at a deeper moment in the interstices.

It is only when the curtain closes that one feels one's own intense interiority - the best way to put an end to the illusion is to lie down and go back to sleep, and in the midst of the dream, new discoveries and productions will begin again.

春眠不觉晓 Spring Sleep Misses Dawn


“Spring sleep misses dawn” is an exhibition project launched by Inna Art Space in 2021, an artist lead fixture to take place each year come Spring; a given year’s theme being formulated upon gathering together the participating artists to present an exhibition in the Inna Art Space, the conclusion to the springtime gathering. Late Spring in this city, decked in luxuriance, the people too lost in revery, humidity and stagnation shrouding the artist’s nerves, works some of which simply must be made, some things that must be said. Sometimes, having awakened, there’s nothing other to do than drift back, unregulated, into slumber, a place where who knows how many blossoms fall….

清影 | 群展:躺下重睡 Lie Down and Sleep Again|春眠不觉晓2024|将于3月16日开幕 崇真艺客
三角洲 GODOWN外景

清影 | 群展:躺下重睡 Lie Down and Sleep Again|春眠不觉晓2024|将于3月16日开幕 崇真艺客

三角洲The Delta INST + GODOWN:三角洲GODOWN出现于2023年,位于中国杭州,是由当代艺术创作与策划平台三角洲(The Delta INST)的七位艺术家联合发起的独立空间项目。三角洲GODOWN的工作聚焦于:组织独立策展项目及艺术家展览;邀请艺术家创作和展示实验性的作品;搭建常态化的多元艺术社群。同时,三角洲致力于与同时代艺术家分享资源、共同成长,并通过艺术家“自组织”的工作方式发起三角洲国际工作室(Inter-Studio),组织国内外艺术驻地,以及平行展览等项目。

The Delta GODOWN, which appeared in 2023 and is located in Hangzhou, China, is an independent space project initiated by seven artists from The Delta INST, a platform for contemporary art creation and planning. The activities of The Delta GODOWN are centered on: organizing independent curatorial projects and artist exhibitions; inviting artists to create and display experimental works; and establishing a regular, diverse art community. Additionally, The Delta is dedicated to sharing resources with contemporary artists for mutual growth. This is achieved through a "self-organized" approach by the artists, leading to the launch of the Delta International Studio (Inter-Studio), organizing art residencies both domestically and internationally, as well as parallel exhibitions and other projects.

清影 | 群展:躺下重睡 Lie Down and Sleep Again|春眠不觉晓2024|将于3月16日开幕 崇真艺客




Inna Art Space was founded in 2008 by Yiying (Inna) Xu in Hangzhou, China, and established their Lower East Side premises in New York in 2019. After over a decade, with a basis in the formational influence of Hangzhou in the Chinese contemporary arts, the space has consistently worked to promote the talents of innumerable upcoming practitioners. The space has ceaselessly assumed a global perspective, doing all within their means to erect a platform for interaction between both Chinese and international practitioners.  By way of their interactions with the public through their ongoing curatorial projects, research, and publishing, the space has gradually refined its own means of operation, setting their sights on manifesting greater strength and vitality towards a broader creative spectrum for the future.

清影 | 群展:躺下重睡 Lie Down and Sleep Again|春眠不觉晓2024|将于3月16日开幕 崇真艺客
New York
371 Madison Street #303

Liuhe Road No.139, Building 12

instagram: @innaartspace

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