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RONG专访|艺术家:应歆珣、柴觅 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 应歆珣 柴觅 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 原力 崇真艺客


In the "The Force - A Group Exhibition of 7 Women Artists"held by RONG Gallery., we have the honour to talk with  XinXun Ying and Mi Chai, two female artists, and explore their art world.


XinXun Ying: Abstract "Velvet" Dreams


About the Artist


XinXun Ying, known for her fibre art and installations, often explores social phenomena and ideologies while reflecting on post-aesthetics and contemporaneity. As an associate professor in the Department of Fibre Arts of China Academy of Art, XinXun Ying has rich experience in both art education and creation.






CURATOR: How do you understand the theme of the exhibition "The Force"?

XinXun Ying: I think the concept of "Force" may have been initially considered from the perspective of the universe, which represents an inner, unrestricted burst of energy. I think there are similar attempts in the development of art. For example, surrealist artists attempted to remove the constraints of rationality and conventional thinking through methods such as automatic writing, in pursuit of latent, unconscious, rapid and absurd creativity. For me, this is a kind of primitive, instinctive creativity. I also tend to use the automatic writing method of realism, using ready-made products from daily life to create nonsensical artistic effects through out-of-the-box combinations.

RONG专访|艺术家:应歆珣、柴觅 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 应歆珣 柴觅 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 原力 崇真艺客





Curator: Please tell the audience about the relationship between velvet fabrics and your creations. As the second generation of Chinese fibre art, how do you see the development of fibre art in China? And your thoughts on choosing fibre as a creative medium.

XinXun Ying:I am actually very honoured to have entered the field of fibre art, which has greatly expanded my creative thinking and medium. I am very interested in the material itself. Fibre art itself is a very open field, and as you can see from the development of the Venice Biennale, we have been exploring the possibilities and historical roots of fibre art in contemporary society. The diversity and openness of fibre art has inspired me a lot.

As for velvet, I find this material very interesting and it has a strong contemporary and social dimension. Initially it was a precious material made by hand and used only by the nobility. But nowadays, we can find velvet in all qualities, including handmade nylon versions. People still have an impression of nobility about velvet and believe that it enhances their taste. I use velvet not only because it is a silk fabric, but I also try different production methods such as artificial flocking, hoping that it can be related to the shaping of the times. I didn't just use velvet on objects, but also explored some flocking on walls.

RONG专访|艺术家:应歆珣、柴觅 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 应歆珣 柴觅 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 原力 崇真艺客



Mi Chai: The Interweaving of Time and Space with Illusion


About the Artist

柴觅,一位多媒体艺术家,她的作品跨越绘画、动画、装置和现场演出。2017年成为母亲后,柴觅的艺术实践更加关注自然中的他者和生命的通感。她曾获得纽约Civitella Ranieri基金会视觉艺术家奖学金,并在意大利罗马近郊的古堡进行驻地生活及创作。

Mi Chai,a multimedia artist whose work spans painting, animation, installation and live performance, became a mother in 2017 and her artistic practice has become more focused on the otherness in nature and the flux of life. She was awarded a Visual Artist Fellowship from the Civitella Ranieri Foundation in New York, and has lived and worked in residency at an ancient fortress near Rome, Italy.






RONG: Each piece in the "SpaceTime Illusion".series is labelled with a specific date, what is the special meaning of these dates for the piece?

Mi Chai: Works of art can sometimes be understood as a ritual or a record of a process of energy flux. Through movement, sensation, and the visible bodies, environments, and spaces of humans and other creatures, these ever-changing images of movement demonstrate a continuous flux of vitality and the possibility of looking back at the complex relationship between humans and animals, making issues that can cross or rather accompany time and space point to timeless questions, the answers to which are unclear, and which I hope the viewer can experience in this work, "SpaceTime Illusion". These are what I hope the audience can experience in this work. Each of the four images in the work is a performance that actually took place, and the name of the image is the month and year when each performance took place. In this way I hint at the authenticity of the source of these images, the way they are generated as a performance, and their documentary properties as moments that have happened before.

RONG专访|艺术家:应歆珣、柴觅 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 应歆珣 柴觅 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 原力 崇真艺客

▲柴觅《时空幻象 编号20151129》

RONG专访|艺术家:应歆珣、柴觅 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 应歆珣 柴觅 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 原力 崇真艺客

▲柴觅《时空幻象 编号20161123》


柴觅:动画、戏剧和电影在历史上的某些时刻并没有我们当下理解中分辨的那么清楚。世界上第一部角色动画《恐龙葛蒂》Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) 原是一场在剧院中的演出,类似于杂耍表演。早期迪士尼的动画短片都是在剧场(影院)的正式表演和放映之前的展示的。电影史上的第一部科幻电影的《月球旅行记》A trip to the moon(1902)是由大量的剧场式表演和动画组成的。动画在直译为“动”和“画”两个英文时可以被巧妙的连结到“moving”和“image”上,在我的概念中动画就是动态影像(moving-image),有极强的包容性。当动态影像作为当代艺术形式而存在,无论是它内部所展示的内容还是其被安放和被布置的场地,都很难脱离剧场的概念。我不会去特意地区分艺术形式或门类,也不只停留在某一个或几个类别的艺术形式上,我喜欢融合它们,寻找和试图发现所要表达的观念与展示方式之间存在的合理区间以及有效时刻。如同爱因斯坦所创造的“时空”概念(spacetime),就是将时间和空间融合在一起进行思考的创造性观念,它是阐释相对论理论(Theory of relativity)的一个重要的概念,它启发了《时空幻象》这个作品的相关工作。

RONG: Animation and video theatre occupy an important place in your artwork.

Mi Chai: Animation, theatre and film are not as distinguishable at certain moments in history as we understand them to be at the moment. The world's first character animation, Gertie the Dinosaur (1914) was originally a show in a theatre, similar to a vaudeville act. Early Disney animated shorts were shown before formal performances and screenings in theatres (cinemas). The first science fiction film in the history of cinema, A trip to the moon (1902), consisted of a large number of theatre-style performances and animation. Animation can be cleverly linked to the words "moving" and "image" when directly translated into the English words "动" and "画". "In my concept, animation is moving-image, which is extremely inclusive. When moving image exists as a form of contemporary art, it is difficult to be detached from the concept of theatre, no matter what it shows inside or where it is placed and arranged. I don't try to distinguish between art forms or disciplines, nor do I stop at one or several categories of art forms, I like to integrate them, searching for and trying to discover the reasonable interval and effective moments between the concepts I want to express and the way of displaying them. The concept of spacetime, as created by Albert Einstein, is the creative idea of thinking about time and space together, and it is an important concept in the interpretation of the theory of relativity, which inspired the work "Spacetime Illusion". related work.

RONG专访|艺术家:应歆珣、柴觅 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 应歆珣 柴觅 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 原力 崇真艺客



The interview with Xinxun Ying and Mi Chai is not only an exploration of art, but also a touch of the heart. Their works show us their own views on art from their unique female perspective. In their works, we see the unique "Force" of female artists - a combination of creativity and vitality, which is perfectly demonstrated in the form of art.

RONG专访|艺术家:应歆珣、柴觅 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 应歆珣 柴觅 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 原力 崇真艺客


RONG专访|艺术家:应歆珣、柴觅 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 应歆珣 柴觅 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 原力 崇真艺客


“原力The Force——女性艺术家群展”将持续至6月30日,欢迎广大艺术爱好者们莅临RONG源艺术空间,共同感受女性艺术家们的创造力与艺术之美。

"The Force: A Group Exhibition of 7 Women Artists" will last until 30 June, and art lovers are welcome to visit RONG Gallery to experience the creativity and artistic beauty of female artists.


The Force

A Group Exhibition of 7 Women Artists

艺术家 Artists



Yaling Cai,Yinping Hu,Xiaofu Wang,Maomao Xu

Xi Yang,Xinxun Ying,Mi Chai

策展人 Curator

王凯梅 Kaimei Wang

展览时间 Exhibition Date



展览地址 Address

上海市黄浦区绍兴路15号 RONG源艺术空间

RONG Gallery 

No.15 Shaoxing Rd., Huangpu District, Shanghai

- END 

RONG专访|艺术家:应歆珣、柴觅 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 应歆珣 柴觅 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 原力 崇真艺客

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