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RONG专访|艺术家:蔡雅玲、胡尹萍、杨熹 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 蔡雅玲 胡尹萍 杨熹 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 崇真艺客


In the "The Force - A Group Exhibition of 7 Women Artists" held by RONG Gallery, We had the honour to interview three female artists, Yaling Cai, Yinping Hu and Xi Yang.


Yaling Cai: Using Art to Explore Female Identity


About the Artist


Born in 1984 in Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province, Yaling Cai's artwork is closely related to her personal life, with a particular focus on female themes. Her work often includes strong feminine overtones, and through natural materials, craft materials, and body materials, Cai Yaling explores the multiple roles and emotional experiences of women in society. She works in a variety of mediums, from beaded curtains to crystal beads, toilet paper to hair, and each piece is deeply rooted in her personal experiences and reflections on the role of women in society.






RONG: Mr Cai, in the work "Bitches" in this exhibition, what kind of message do you hope to convey through this work?

Yaling Cai: "Bitches" is a quiet but complex piece. The viewer may not be able to pronounce the word at first glance, but is drawn in by the texture of the grey crystal beads, which shimmer in the light and draw you closer, only to read the word and discover that it is a so-called 'swear word'. The word has always been used to express anger, contempt, and even a form of abuse towards women. But the funny thing about words is that their meanings are constantly being interpreted over time. The ambitions, desires, etc. behind the word may also be new virtues for women to be celebrated today. This renewed self-examination becomes the new perspective of the moment, and the complexity is embedded in every flick of the beaded curtain, every flutter of change.

RONG专访|艺术家:蔡雅玲、胡尹萍、杨熹 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 蔡雅玲 胡尹萍 杨熹 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 崇真艺客





RONG: In your work "RED" you use strong colour contrasts to express emotion, what were your creative considerations in choosing the colour red?

Yaling Cai: Red is an interesting colour, especially in our land. In nature, red is the colour of caution, red traffic lights and tail lights on the road, blood in the body, violence... but at the same time it signals passion, loyalty, power. 

That's why I love the colour red, because what you see on the surface of a work of art is the language of sensory images, and very often this perception is very personal, the artist creates with his own sources, but brings to the viewer the need to be open, and the colour red has this characteristic.

RONG专访|艺术家:蔡雅玲、胡尹萍、杨熹 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 蔡雅玲 胡尹萍 杨熹 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 崇真艺客



Yinping Hu: Intervening in Society with Art


About the Artist


Yinping Hu's art practice has a strong sense of social intervention, in which she establishes events and roles that contribute to the creation and production of social relations. Hu's "Xiao Fang" project was born out of her concern for the knitting of woolen hats by her mother and her town aunts. Through the fictional buyer "Xiao Fang", Hu not only boosted her mother's confidence, but also stimulated the creativity and imagination of her town aunts.






RONG: Mr Hu, how do you understand the theme of this exhibition, "The Force"?

Yinping Hu: I prefer to think of the term "Force" as a primal force or an unaltered individuality, and I thank curators for inviting me to this "The Force" session.

RONG专访|艺术家:蔡雅玲、胡尹萍、杨熹 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 蔡雅玲 胡尹萍 杨熹 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 崇真艺客



胡尹萍:这次呈现的是“小芳”第三个阶段安全感,2015 年,我居住的工作 室遭到房东非法暴力拆迁。房东雇凶打砸恶意入室行凶,令我对周遭安全性和社会环境产生强烈质疑,并滋生出强烈的自我防护意识,思考遭遇意外时可能实现的自我防御。我让“小芳”向小镇阿姨们 提出一个问题:“如果有人威胁到你和家人的安全,你会用什么样的 武器去保护自己和家人不受伤害?” 沟通后,阿姨们把自己的想象的 保护家人的方式用毛线织出来。生活的不同使阿姨们给出了各不相同的答案。 

RONG: Your "Xiao Fang" series of works was shown in the exhibition "The Force" and received a great response from the audience. Can you tell us about the original intention and inspiration for this series of works?

Yinping Hu: This time, we present the third stage of Xiao Fang's sense of security. In 2015, my workplace was illegally and violently demolished by my landlord. The landlord hired a murderer to break into my house, causing me to question the safety of my surroundings and the social environment, and to develop a strong sense of self-protection, thinking about possible self-defence in the event of an accident. I asked Fang to pose a question to the aunts in the town: "If someone threatens your safety and that of your family, what kind of weapon would you use to protect yourself and your family from being hurt?" After the conversation, the aunts knitted their own imaginary ways to protect their families. The aunts gave different answers to the question with different lives. 

RONG专访|艺术家:蔡雅玲、胡尹萍、杨熹 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 蔡雅玲 胡尹萍 杨熹 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 崇真艺客



Xi Yang: Exploring the State of Life and Ecological Development


About the Artist


Xi Yang, born in 1988 in Shanghai, graduated from Goldsmiths College, University of London and now lives and works in Shanghai. Her works, mainly sculptures, focus on the relationship between humans and nature and the symbiotic relationship between life and technology. The works are derived from the sensual world of memory and emotion generated in the slit of personal behaviour or perception, capturing and summarising abstract forms with intuition.






RONG: Please introduce your works in this exhibition to the audience. 

Xi Yang: The work I am exhibiting is called "Symbiosis", and the larger sculpture is called "Unknown Non-Centred Reconstruction". In fact, it explores the relationship between life and technology. As we all know, the development of science and technology so far has been obviously two-way: on the one hand, science and technology have had a far-reaching impact on our lives; on the other hand, our lives are also gradually constructing science and technology. Through this group of sculptures, I would like to explore the nature of this bi-directional relationship, i.e. the interaction between life and environment, human and technology. The sculpture incorporates a variety of elements, such as the human heart, bones, and branches resembling leaves (which can also be described as the human body's torso), which are intertwined to form a new kind of living organism and show a state of life. I think this is a symbiotic state in the future, and a symbiosis of this relationship between human beings and life.

RONG专访|艺术家:蔡雅玲、胡尹萍、杨熹 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 蔡雅玲 胡尹萍 杨熹 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 崇真艺客




RONG: There are seven artists invited to this exhibition, how do you think the label of "female artist" has influenced or helped your creations or artworks?

Xi Yang: Personally, I don't particularly want people to pay too much attention to my gender identity. In fact, many viewers do not feel that my works are created by a female artist when they look at them. Therefore, I don't think this label has much influence on my work. I do not tend to particularly emphasise my identity as a female artist because in today's society, gender boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred. Therefore, I don't think there is a need to particularly emphasise this point.

RONG专访|艺术家:蔡雅玲、胡尹萍、杨熹 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 蔡雅玲 胡尹萍 杨熹 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 崇真艺客



The works of three artists, Yaling Cai, Yinping Hu and Xi Yang, paint a moving picture with their unique perspectives and profound emotions. In the context of the exhibition "The Force", their works are even more meaningful, demonstrating the resilience and gentleness of women's power, providing us with a new perspective on the world around us, and at the same time giving us a more comprehensive knowledge and understanding of women's art.

RONG专访|艺术家:蔡雅玲、胡尹萍、杨熹 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 蔡雅玲 胡尹萍 杨熹 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 崇真艺客


RONG专访|艺术家:蔡雅玲、胡尹萍、杨熹 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 蔡雅玲 胡尹萍 杨熹 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 崇真艺客


RONG专访|艺术家:蔡雅玲、胡尹萍、杨熹 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 蔡雅玲 胡尹萍 杨熹 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 崇真艺客


“原力The Force——女性艺术家群展”将持续至6月30日,欢迎广大艺术爱好者们莅临RONG源艺术空间,共同感受女性艺术家们的创造力与艺术之美。

"The Force: A Group Exhibition of 7 Women Artists" will last until 30 June, and art lovers are welcome to visit RONG Gallery to experience the creativity and artistic beauty of female artists.


The Force

A Group Exhibition of 7 Women Artists

艺术家 Artists



Yaling Cai,Yinping Hu,Xiaofu Wang,Maomao Xu

Xi Yang,Xinxun Ying,Mi Chai

策展人 Curator

王凯梅 Kaimei Wang

展览时间 Exhibition Date



展览地址 Address

上海市黄浦区绍兴路15号 RONG源艺术空间

RONG Gallery 

No.15 Shaoxing Rd., Huangpu District, Shanghai

- END 

RONG专访|艺术家:蔡雅玲、胡尹萍、杨熹 视频资讯 RONG Gallery 蔡雅玲 胡尹萍 杨熹 艺术家 RONG专访| RONG源 艺术 空间 女性 艺术家群展 崇真艺客

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